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[ # ] Galavant is the best show you are not watching!
January 3rd, 2016 under Galavant

Galvant is back on ABC tonight at 8p and you need to watch the show that missed you last year to check out boring awards shows and a lame football game.
The musical comedy fairy tale extravaganza is better than it was during its phenomenal first season, and how many sophomore shows can say that?
When we last left off Galavant (Joshua Sasse) and King Richard (Timothy Omundson) were on a boat together. They are still on that boat and Galavant is trying to rescue his (new) one true love, Princess Isabella (Karen David), from marrying her pre-teen cousin who locked her up in a little room in his castle. King Richard on the other hand is also trying to get back his one true love back, his kingdoms. His wife Queen Madalena (Mallory Jansen) is ruling it now and his BFF Gareth (Vinnie Jones) is by her side. While Galavant’s BFF Sid (Luke Youngblood) is by Gareth’s side.
At this point, they are three different stories going on, but you know they will all reconnect soon. But not before they have some crazy adventures and sing a lot of songs. Each episode there is a song and dance number that tops the one beforehand. What more can you ask for?
This is a musical fairy tale for adults, and let’s be honest, we have all wanted one. So I beg and implore you not watch those elitist award shows where the same dull people win and watch a show that is as exciting as sex! And just like sex, when the episode is done all you want to do is cuddle with it all night long.
On a side note, there is a lot more Chef (Darren Evans) and Gwynne (Sophie McShera) this season and they cook up a few toe-tapping numbers!


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