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[ # ] From Beyond is the best ghost investigation show on TV!
July 31st, 2011 under Mun2

From Beyond premieres on Mun2 tonight at 10p and this is the best ghost investigation show on TV.
I am a big fan of shows like these, and this one impressed me most. I like shows like Most Haunted more for the scenery than the actual investigation because it feels faked. Now when it comes to From Beyond, the investigations seem real and unforced. But what really impressed me and something you don’t see on shows of this type, is that the residents of the haunted house go along with the team. Having the people that are most affected by the spirits makes the investigation so much more real and proves that something might be in the house with them.
The team is made of two men and a woman and they are the realest people I have seen on any types of these shows. Because of that you can relate to them and don’t feel like they are putting on an act for TV. Ramiro Ramirez leads the team of Paranormal Investigators and he has been working with Paranormal Activity for over 22 years. A.J. Barrera has helped thousands of people get their messages From Beyond to this one and the other way around; and unlike other Mediums he doesn’t use the cock and bull that make you think he is talking the dead when he isn’t. Christian Vera is a television host, who is the skeptic of the bunch, so when she gets scared you know there is something or someone really there.
In the first two episodes, you will see one resident tell her unwanted visitor to get out and you will find out of he will listed. On next week’s show a woman will find out her curiosity is making things worse and you will wonder how she stays in that house.
I was told not to watch this show alone in the dark and I didn’t listen. Boy did I mistake because I was scared beyond belief. So find someone to watch From Beyond with tonight and every Sunday at 10p because you don’t want to watch this scary show alone and you don’t not want to watch it.


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