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[ # ] For the Love of Lena is the complete opposite of The Bachelor
November 14th, 2023 under YouTube

So am I watching The Golden Bachelor on ABC, but it is too vanilla and sweet for my liking. Therefore, yesterday, when I got an email about For the Love of Lena, I had to check it out. It is the complete opposite of the ABC dating competition show.

Lena the Plug is married to Adam22, and they have a podcast, No Jumper. At the end of every show, they have a three-way with the person they are interviewing.

However, they decided they want to change things up. This time, they want to have a ménage à trois with another man. So, they are doing a dating show with ten guys vying to be the third person in their bed for the night.

The suitors range from porn stars to a virgin. They walk in and tell Lena that they want to fuck her. That is something you are not going to see on television. And it just gets more interesting after that.

For example, she has a group date with her possible one-night stands while her husband tells her what to say and do in a different room. And the stuff they say is not PG, like how big their dicks are. And this is just the first episode. Therefore, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Because of that, I am going to be watching For the Love Lena every Monday at 3p EST to find out who they pick for their threesome. I am just too cheap to pay for their sexual encounter on OnlyFans.


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