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[ # ] For All Mankind goes to Mars for season 3!
June 12th, 2022 under Apple TV+

For All Mankind is back on Apple TV+ and this season, they are going to go where no man has gone before. They are going to Mars!

Take that, our timeline! If you are not familiar with the series, it is an alternate timeline to ours where John Lennon and John F. Kennedy are alive, and the Astronauts live on the moon in a massive space station.

In fact, this season, the first episode introduces us to a hotel in space, and one of the astronauts’ children that we have seen grow up is going to get married there. They grow up so fast. But then again, it is now 1992, and we got to know their parents about 30 years ago.

During season one, they went to the moon, and now they are getting ready to venture out to the unknown again. NASA and its competitor Russia, who we are at war with in so many ways, are shooting for this to happen in 1996.

But, we are still in 1992, and Ellen Wilson (Jodi Balfour) is running for President of the United States as a Republican. However, she is still keeping the fact that she is a lesbian a secret.

As much as I love their timeline better than ours, I hate that they are still so backward on LGBTQ rights.

Back to the Space Race. This season we are getting to know Dev Ayesa (Edi Gathegi). Think of him like an Elon Musk or a Jeff Bezos. He wants to be the first one on Mars with his company Helios, and he is shooting to launch in 1994.

As soon as he goes public with that fact, NASA and Russia speed up their schedule. Will they be able to do it in two years? And will the ships that they create be ready to do it safely.

It is going to put a lot of pressure on everyone, and tension is going to be high. Margo Madison (Wrenn Schmidt) has her way of doing things, and since she is in charge, she is going to insist that everyone do things her way. That is going to cause a mass exodus, with some of our favorites going to Helios.

Will that give Helios the advantage? Is that enough for them to be the first ones on the planet?

I can’t tell you that. I can tell you this is the most intensive and entertaining season of the three. And all three are excellent and groundbreaking.

If you have never seen the Space drama, then binge the first two seasons and S3’s first two episodes now. It is interesting how just a few things that they have changed lead to a huge Butterfly Effect. Some things remain the same, and others are completely different.

You don’t have to be into Space travel to enjoy this show. You just have to like a television show that is different and captivating.


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