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August 30th, 2015 under Smithsonian Channel

If you are like me, you love when a tough mystery is finally solved. The Missing Evidence attempts to do just that tonight and every Sunday at 9p for the next 6 weeks on Smithsonian Channel.
Tonight the 6 part docuseries takes on Jack the Ripper and Swedish journalist Christer Holmgren might have finally figured out who the mysterious serial killer is from a newspaper article. When a name shows up as witness by one of the bodies, he might not have been a witness but the murderer. The more Holmgren looks into that person, the more evidence points to him being Jack the Ripper. It only took 127 years, but after tonight’s well structured episode, one of the most infamous murderers might have finally been caught. Tune in to see if you believe that this man is the man that has eluded some of the best detectives for over a century.
Then once you are intrigued as I am with The Missing Evidence, check out the upcoming episode that try to solve other unsolved mysteries like The Nevada Triangle, Big Foot, The Day Marilyn Monroe Dies and The Loch Ness Monster, Sundays at 9p.


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