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July 14th, 2013 under Adam Richman, Travel Channel

Tonight at 10p Adam Richman is back with his fourth series on the Travel Channel and you will quickly become a fan of Fandemonium.
There are several different group activities around the country going on at any given time and they all have their super fans. Tonight at 10p and 10:30p Adam Richman will focus on one of these events in each episode and you will get to know the people behind these gatherings.
On the season premiere he goes to Daytona 500 where people give up two weeks of their lives to camp out at the NASCAR race. They have RVs dressed up to the nines that are nicer than most hotel rooms in the area. They hang out together, they eat together and most importantly they play together. There homes away from home are so luxurious that some of the racers even come out to play with them. And you will get a behind the scenes look at all of this from Adam Richman’s eyes.
Then at 10:30p the Brooklyn boy goes to Trucks Gone Wild at the Redneck Yacht Club in Punta Gorda, FL and he has a muddy good time getting dirty with the best of them as he eats an 11-layer BBQ parfait called Love In a Cup. That’s right, Fandemonium wouldn’t be an Adam Richman show if he didn’t try the delicacies they have to offer and it is fun to see what each of the 13 events have to offer. Each serving looks yummier than the one before it.
In the remaining 11 episodes of the first season, he will also explore Arctic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic (Paxson, Alaska), Beer, Brats & Brewers (Milwaukee, Wis.), Bonnaroo (Manchester, Tenn.), Calgary Stampede (Calgary, Alberta), Country Stampede (Manhattan, Kan.), Indy 500 (Indianapolis, Ind.), Kentucky Derby (Louisville, Ky.), Laconia Motorcycle Week (Laconia, N.H.), Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest (Memphis, Tenn.), San Fermin in Nueva Orleans (New Orleans) and Scarborough Renaissance Festival (Waxahachie, Texas).
What makes Adam Richman’s Fandemonnium so addictive is the host himself. He comes off as a fan, who enjoys the festivities just like everyone else who is there and you can tell he is not faking it. So by him having a great time, you get to have a just as good of a time learning about a tailgating culture you never knew about. I know where I am going to book to my next vacation thanks to Adam Richman’s Fandemonium.
So tune in to the show every Sunday night at 10p, and see where the family and you are going on your next vacation thanks to this series! You know, you want to check out a place that is called Redneck Yacht Club.


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