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[ # ] Dr. Jack Kevorkian free to kill again
June 1st, 2007 under Awesome Videos, Scott Baio

Dr Jack Kevorkian was released from jail today after serving 8 years for assisting with130 assisted suicides according to WCBS. Kevorkian walked out with his lawyer and Mike Wallace and said, “one of the high points of life.” On that note who knew he was still alive? I thought he made like one of his patients and died. Kevorkian said he will never assist with another suicide, but instead will spend the rest of his life working on his art and music.
On a related note while looking for video and pictures of Kevorkian today, I found this hysterical video and I had to share it with y’all.

Now I know how my friend Hena felt when she saw old videos of her teen idol Miguel Bose. Some things are better left in your memory like Joanie Loves Chachi or in Korean Joanie Loves Penis.
A moment of silence for my memories of Scott Baio.


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