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[ # ] Dine in with Restaurant Startup tonight!
July 8th, 2014 under CNBC

Tonight at 10p on CNBC Prime, Restaurant Startup debuts and you will want to make a weekly reservation for this reality show.
Each week MasterChef’s Joe Bastianich and Texas restaurant owner, Tim Love, will hear two different groups of people pitch them an idea for a specialty restaurant. After they explain to them what makes their eatery different than all of the others, they will then tell the two Chefs how much they would like them invest in to their idea.
Once Joe and Tim hear about both of their startups, they decide which one they want to learn more about. They will give that group $7,500 and 36 hours to make their dream a reality. They will convert a space into a working a restaurant and serve the food they will have on their menu if their dream were to come true. As they prepare for the opening, Pastry Chef Waylynn Lucas, will consult them along the way.
When the 36 hours are up, ready or not, it is time for the restaurant to get its true test. Once all the diners have been served, it is time for Joe and Tim to get their meals.
If Joe and Tim love what they see and eat, then they will make an offer to the potential restaurant owners. Both Chefs are using their own money to invest in these restaurants, so they really have to like what they see and taste. Especially since Tim’s wife and family know he is using their money to open up these places. Joe’s wife, on the other hand, is in for a surprise tonight because, last week on a conference call, he told me he hasn’t told her about that part of it yet. Wait until she finds out how much money they are using out of their pockets on this show.
And when it comes to this show, it is like Shark Tank, but better. Because not only do the contestants pitch their idea, we get to see if their dream can truly be a reality. It is only then that Joe and Tim will put their own dough into someone else’s dough.
So you get to see their excitement and nervousness as they go in and pitch their idea, their anxiety as they try to make their dream become a reality, and finally their nervousness again, but in a different way, as they find out if they will actually have a restaurant startup to call their own.
Besides seeing a lot of raw food on this show, you will be seeing a lot of raw emotion. It’s not like anything else you see on TV, and because of that it is something that is very enjoyable to watch. So tune in tonight and every Tuesday at 10p to find out about the next big culinary masterpiece that might be coming to a place near you.


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