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[ # ] Dexter and Califronication are back to sex up killer Sundays!
September 27th, 2009 under Showtime

Dexter is back to make Sundays killer tonight on Showtime at 9p! Tonight Dexter is adjusting to being a daddy, but does that mean his killing has to stop? I am sure he will figure out a way to make it all work out…that is if he can get some sleep. Debra and Lundy will team up to catch a serial killer called The Trinity Killer. He starts the season off with his first murder and will continue them throughout the season. Even though the clues are there, will it be enough for them to catch him?
Tonight’s episode ends with a WTF moment that will make you jealous that I saw next week’s episode. But believe me I am suffering because the 4th episode ends with a bigger OMG moment and I only got the first four episodes of the season. Dexter is going to be killer this season, so make sure to watch it tonight and every Sunday on Showtime at 10p!

Californication is back to sex up your Sundays tonight on Showtime at 10p. Now that Hank is by himself with his daughter Becca in LA, does that mean he will be faithful to Karen who is in NY? Hell to the no! Hank Moody is still working the moves with the ladies, but this season he has a whole new smorgasbord to choose from because he is teaching a college class. He will start hooking up with one woman after the second episode, but knowing him that won’t last and that will cause a lot of problems for him. Becca has become a rebellious teenager and she is making his life hell. So is her BFFs mom, who also works at the same school as Hank. As much as Hank’s life seems like hell, it is nothing compared to Charlie and Marcy’s. Due to Charlie’s money woes he moves back home and Marcy is so not loving the idea. She decides to sell the house in an upcoming episode, but wait until you see what goes wrong. Charlie has a new boss played by Kathleen Turner and this is a role you have never seen in before and I am not sure we really needed to see her in this one, but that is what works about it! Also joining the show this season is Rick Springfield and that has me oh so excited, but not as excited as that famous three-way scene with Charlie, Hank and some random girl…
So tune into Califronication tonight and every Sunday at 10p on Showtime for a show that will have you excited to start your new week.


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