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[ # ] Date My Dad is the feel good show we have been waiting for!
June 2nd, 2017 under Up TV

It is Summertime and kids are off from school. Don’t you just wish you had a show that you could watch with them that the whole family can enjoy together? Up TV’s Date My Dad is just that show and you can watch it tonight and every Friday at 9p.

Ricky Cooper (Barry Watson) is a widowed father and his three daughters tell him on his 40th birthday that they want him to start dating again. Even though, it has been three years since his wife died he does not feel like he is ready to do it. His girls do not care and hold a matchmaking service to find him a new wife on the series premiere. Will they come up with a compromise?

When it comes to his daughters, his oldest is Mirabel (Zenia Marshall). The 15-yea-old is beautiful just like her mom, popular and very willing to help her younger sisters out. Twelve-year-old Elisa (Lilah Fitzgerald) feels like she is the mom of the house and acts like one. Finally, there is Gigi (Audrey Smallman), 8, and she is the smart one who manages her family in her own special way.

Ricky’s mother-in-law Rosa (Raquel Welch) moved in when her daughter passed away and now she is ready to move out to live her vibrant single life. Ricky does not want her to leave but she is determined to do it. Rosa knows how much Isabella (Natasha Wilson) means to Ricky, so she tells him that her daughter would want him to move on and date. After all, he is a catch; he is a former professional baseball player who owns a successful gym.

Next week, he decides to try dating a woman who also has kids but hers are boys. Ricky bonds with them as she bonds with the girls. Will the adults have as good of a connection as they are having with the other ones kids? Meanwhile Gigi tries out for the school play, and Mirabel has to defend her sister when the school bully picks on her. It a story line that shows how well these sister get along and will win you over to them.

Before you feel in love with their friendship, you have already been in love with the special connection between the mother-in-law, the dad and his three girls. This is a family drama that everyone can enjoy together. It is the type of show that leaves you with a smile on your face, and we desperately need more of them on TV. This a great start, so make sure to date Date My Dad, I promise you will want to go on a second, third and so on date with it.


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