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[ # ] Danny Trejo rescues a trapped boy in an overturned car
August 8th, 2019 under Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo plays the bad guys in movies, however, in real life he is unlike the roles he plays. Yesterday, while he was driving in Sylmar, he witnessed a car accident that led to an SUV being flipped over.

He ran over to help the woman inside the car and she told him to rescue her 5-year-old grandson with special needs. He then noticed the little boy in the backseat. Therefore, he climbed through the window and tried to get him out. Due to his positioning, he was unable to unbuckle the seatbelt. He found a lady, Monica Jackson, to help him out and they were able to rescue the little boy.

While the firefighters were working on the grandmother, Trejo held the little boy and comforted him. He told he kid, that they needed to be superheroes. The tyke reacted by showing off his superpowers. We all know what Trejo’s superpower is and that is being a real-life hero to this family. He even has a symbol (of Salma Hayek) on his chest to prove it.

The little boy’s family was grateful to the actor. His mother even recognized him, but he remained humbled to her. It was not about that. It was about everyone being OK.

How did Trejo feel about it all? He told KCBS, “I feel great. I just feel great that the Lord put me right there, in that spot, to do what I did. That’s all.”

This story gave me chills. Not because it was a famous person doing good. These days it is anyone who does good. We need more people like him and less like the characters he plays!


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