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[ # ] Dang, Izzie’s brain thingy isn’t fatal on Grey’s Anatomy
December 4th, 2008 under Shonda Rhimes

Michael Ausiello found out what is wrong with Izzie aka Katherine Heigl on Grey’s Anatomy and unfortunately it isn’t fatal.

According to multiple sources, Izzie’s hallucinations are health-related — and brain-related. And although the specific name of the ailment is being kept in the safe underneath Rhimes’ desk, I’m told it’s similar to an aneurysm. And every time it flares up, she sees Denny. And sometimes when it really flares up, she shags him. (A Grey’s rep could not be reached for comment.)
But wait, there’s more! Izzie’s aneurysmish disorder was never intended to be fatal. Plans change, but, per an ABC insider, Rhimes didn’t cook up this story in order to grant Katherine Heigl’s alleged wish to be let go from the show. Rather, the boss wanted to give her employee the thing she allegedly wanted, the thing that eluded her last season: great, Emmy-worthy material.

Maybe if ABC wanted an Emmy winning storyline like that, they would’ve kept Eli Stone instead and gotten rid of Katherine Heigl. It is bad enough that Grey’s is repeating itself like with Melissa George taking off her top in front of the other interns like Izzie did season 1 or Sandra Oh’s second kiss with Kevin McKidd’s was like her first kiss with Isaiah Washington, now they are ripping off storylines from other ABC shows. I am so over this show.
Here is my plea to Shonda Rhimes…Please kill off Izzie! More of us want her off the show than on.


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