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[ # ] Creepshow is back on Shudder and it’s an even creepier show
April 1st, 2021 under Shudder

The first season of Creepshow was such a groundbreaking hit that Shudder brought it back for a second season. Today, the first episode debuts on the Horror streaming service, and it has two stories for you to enjoy.

The season starts off with a young boy who likes watching Horror movies with his ailing mom. Since his mon is dying, she asks her sister and her abusive husband to move in to help out. Shortly after they move in, his mother dies. His uncle starts getting abusive with him, and the little boy finds a way to deal with it via his horror movie friends and toys. You see where this is going. Model Kid stars Brock Duncan, Tyner Rushing, Jana Allen, Kevin Dillon, Chris Schmidt Jr., and Nick Morgan.

The next story takes place at a PBS affiliate. They even have a Bob Ross who works there, which turns out to be a good thing. You see, Ted Raimi brings a spellbook with him to his interview at the station. The host reads a spell aloud and summons a demonic spirit that takes control of them. The spirit starts killing everyone and taking over their bodies. Now it is up to the Bob Ross character with a military background to save the day and the world. Can the happy hippie painter become a badass? You just have to watch Public Television of the Dead that stars Mark Ashworth, Marissa Hampton, Coley Company, Ted Raimi, Todd Allen Durkin, and Peter Leak to find out.

Most series like this are cheap with boring stories; Creepshow is the complete opposite. Once I hit play, nothing could distract me. That is how good it is. Although, I didn’t like one of next week’s stories because it had bugs in it. I hate bugs. Love Creepshow, hate bugs.


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