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[ # ] Could Growing Pains be the next revival?
June 12th, 2019 under Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold

So the other day my friend and I were talking about Joanna Kerns and he says he hopes that they don’t do a Growing Pains revival. Well, I had to break it to him that Jeremy Miller aka Ben Seaver told Us Weekly that he, Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold are talking about doing one.

He said, “We’re still in talks right now. We’re actually doing story creation and brainstorming right now. Kirk [Cameron], Tracey [Gold] and I are in constant contact about it and are trying to put together a workable storyline that will be respectful to Alan and the cast and the history and everything.”

The patriarch of the show died suddenly in 2016. In the past, Cameron said he would not be interested in a reunion without Thicke. I guess he changed his mind.

Before you get too excited for the sitcom’s return, they have not even pitched it to any production companies yet. Therefore, they are in the really early talks and it could wind up not happening like Coach and Northern Exposure.

Do you want to see the Seavers again on your televisions or are you OK just watching them in syndication?


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