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May 20th, 2020 under Hairspray

Over the weekend, I read that several cast members from the original Hairspray movie, which came out in 1988, up until the most current rendition of the tale, virtually got together to sing the musical’s iconic number You Can’t Stop the Beat. However, when I went to watch it, I could not find it online.

Now, the video is available for us all to watch, and it is exactly what we all need. How can you listen to that song and not feel happy? It is pure joy! Who doesn’t need joy these days?

When it comes to all of the stars in it, how many of them can you name without cheating by reading the credits at the end? I will start you off with Derek Hough since he starts it off. I guess technically he is a star because he was on Dancing with the Stars, and they have that word in the title.

Finally, if you can contribute to The Actors Fund, then please do so.


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