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[ # ] Charles In Charge’s Alexander Polinsky breaks his silence against Scott Baio
February 14th, 2018 under Scott Baio
We have heard Nicole Eggert speak out against her TV costar and boss Scott Baio and now her TV brother is telling us what he says happened to him on the set of Charles In Charge. Alexander Polinsky held a press conference today and said that he was abused by Baio after he walked in on a then 14-year-old Eggert sitting on the then 25-year-old’s lap. Since Polinsky was just 11 at the time, he was naive about what was happening. He thought it was just an innocent story time, so he jumped on his lap too. He claims Baio threw him off and called him the F-word, the one that rhymes with maggot.

Then Polinsky says the abuse only got worse. The actor alleges that Baio, “would repeatedly tell me about gay sex acts that I would grow up to perform.” He added that one time; he pulled the young star’s pants down in front of 100 people on the set. Another time, he says that Baio cut a glory like hole in his dressing room and exposed his genitals to the child actor.

The incident that Polinsky felt was the worst was when he fake threw a basketball at Baio and Scott retaliated by throwing hot tea in his face.

The actor says that adults knew what was happening to Eggert and Polinsky but kept quiet because they were afraid to lose their job. Their attorney, Lisa Bloom, claims that 10-12 people including another cast member from the ’80s sitcom are now coming forward and telling their story of what happened back then.

What does Polinsky want? Not money, but an apology. Something he says that Baio sort of did before, but he was not ready, about a decade ago, to hear it. He has hinted over the last few months on Twitter that it was just recently he was able to accept what happened to him between the ages of 11 to around 15. This is the first time he went public with his allegations.

While Eggert and Polinsky were holding their press conference, their TV sister Josie Davis Tweeted, “Single on #ValentinesDay isn’t fun but then again, I put #love into my every day. My focus for 2017 was all about diffusing negativity with love and I’ll do this year. #LoveIsPowerful.” She has not made one single comment about the allegations as of yet.

Baio is slated to hold his press conference later in the day.

UPDATE: Scott Baio did not even show up to his own press conference. He instead is with his daughter at a school party. Through his lawyers, he denies all the charges against him.


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