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[ # ] CBS wants Bewitched, NBC wants Frankenstein and I want none of the above!
August 9th, 2011 under Stupid Sequels/Remakes

A few years ago Family Guy did a hilarious bit where Stewie flew all the way to LA to punch Will Ferrell in the face for starring in the sh!tty big screen version of Bewitched and now he might have to do it again if CBS gets their way. The Hollywood Reporter says that the Eye network has hired the same husband and wife team who produced that piece of sh!t movie to work their (black) magic again with a small screen version of the ’60s sitcom. Yes CBS struck silver with Hawaii Five-O, but do they really think they can do it again with The Stephens? I really think and pray not.
But the bad news doesn’t stop there, because The Hollywood Reporter says NBC is hoping lightening with strike the same place twice (or whatever number we are up to) with an updated version of Frankenstein. On this I will site a CBS show and that show was Moonlight. Mythological monsters do better on the big because the small screen never does them justice on network TV.
Thankfully both shows are just in the script stage of development and hopefully they will stay that way. Because neither the witch and her mortal husband or Dr Frankenstein’s creature need to come back to television.
Seriously what happened to originality?


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