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BTWF: Willie Aames on Adam-12
August 26th, 2019 under Before They Were Famous, Willie Aames. [ Comments: none ]

Before Willie Aames was getting in trouble all the time on Charles in Charge, he was ratting out the bad guys on Adam-12. How cute is the 11-year-old in that 1971 episode?


A mini Charles in Charge reunion
December 26th, 2018 under Willie Aames. [ Comments: none ]

Back on Charles in Charge, Gwendolyn Pierce dated Buddy Lembeck’s best friend Charles, but in real life, Jennifer Runyon and Willie Aames are the best of friends. So much so, they spent the Christmas holiday together.

I have said this before, and I will say it again. I wish someone would do a revival of Charles in Charge and this time around Gwendolyn and Buddy are married with kids. They need someone to take good care on their kids like he is one of the family, so they hire Charles to do it. How awesome would that be?

I mean look at close to the actors are, they could so play husband and wife. I would totally watch. Wouldn’t you?



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