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Seann William Scott says Lethal Weapon will be ‘insane’ this week
August 31st, 2018 under American Pie, Fox, Wayans Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

Back in May, Fox and Lethal Weapon fired Clayne Crawford from the show and then they hired Seann William Scott to replace him.

Now we are getting a first look to see how well he and Damon Wayans will play off of each other. I think we can all agree that they have enough chemistry to make it work.

So much so, I cannot wait to see him make his debut as Wesley Cole on September 25th. But then again Scott makes everything better.


Marlon brings some hilarious sisterly love, The Gong Show should be gonged
June 21st, 2018 under Sherri Shepherd, Wayans Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on NBC, Marlon’s sisters come for a visit and someone needs to give Kym Whitley and Sherri Shepherd their own show ASAP.

Marlon loves his sisters, but there is something he has not told them. He has hidden from them the fact that he and Ashley (Essence Atkins) are divorced. Therefore, he asks his ex-wife to pretend like they are still married. How will that go over? Let’s just say the 9:30p episode has the former couple going to divorce counseling.

Back to Whitley and Shepherd, these two play off of each other so well, someone needs to give them a sitcom where they can just be fabulously funny together.

What is not fabulously funny is The Gong Show that is back on ABC tonight at 8p. I still cannot get over that they have Mike Meyers in a Robin Williams clown suit as their host. I mean since the cat is out of the bag, why not just let Mike Meyers be Mike Meyers? That and he is not funny like a cheeky monkey as the host.

If I could get past that, then maybe the judges would have me laughing. Not tonight. While I adore Will Arnett, the flat Armisen and unfunny Rita Wilson make me want to gong the gong.

When it comes to the acts, it starts out with a contestant losing all of his clothes. And I do mean all. I thought OK, this is off to a good start. Mostly because I have liked this couple since I saw them on America’s Got Talent. But then it gets kind of boring. The problem is that an hour is way too long for this show. After a while, it is like I cannot watch any more of this.

That is why the original worked. It was just 30 minutes and Chuck Berry was as wacky as the contestants. Meyers makes it too much about his character and not enough the contestants. I want to like this revival but I cannot. Maybe you will and I hope you do. But I suggest watching Marlon instead at 9p over on NBC.


Marlon is back to make out summer nights funnier
June 14th, 2018 under NBC, Wayans Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

Marlon Wayans show is back for a second season tonight at 9p on NBC and you do not want to miss the back-to-back episodes every Thursday night.

If you missed season one, then here is the basis of the show. Marlon and Ashley (Essence Atkins) are recently divorced but he still spends most of his time at his ex-wife’s house. Not to hang with their two teen kids (Notlim Taylor and Amir O’Neil), who are more mature than him, but because he is still not over being married. It also does not help that his freeloading friend (Diallo Riddle) is living at his apartment. What makes him want to get out his old house is his wife’s BFF (Bresha Webb) and they hate each other. They are both very sassy.

Now that you are caught up, here is what you can expect. Tonight, Marlon is Ashley’s wingman as she tries to meet a new man at a club. She needs a lot of help, and he is too busy getting it on with the bartender. What happens next, you will never expect.

Next week, his sisters (Kym Whitley and Yvette Nicole Brown) come to town and they do not their brother is divorced. He asks Ashley to pretend that they are still together. What is the worst thing that can happen? Lots of laughs and NBC needs to give them a sitcom ASAP.

In the final episode I saw, Ashely and Marlon go to marriage counseling to work on their divorce and even she thinks they need to be divorced. Will Marlon finally take things seriously?

What else are you watching Thursdays at 9p? Nothing, so why not watch something that you will really enjoy!


Lethal Weapon gets a Goon aka Seann William Scott to replace Clayne Crawford
May 13th, 2018 under American Pie, Fox, Wayans Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

Five days after Fox fired Clayne Crawford from Lethal Weapon, they finally found someone to join the procedural for its third season. That’s right not only did they reveal that Seann William Scott is joining the show, they announced that the show will be back for a third season because of the casting.

Scott is not replacing Crawford on the show, instead he will be playing a new character that has yet to be determined. Some sites are saying he might be playing Riggs’ brother, but it is too early to tell. I mean, after all, it has not even been a week since this all went down.

When it comes to Scott, I wish him well. I have always been a fan of his work and know that he has a very quick wit which is a great talent for an actor to have. Especially, if you are working with a Wayans brother.

UPDATE: Fox picked up Gotham for a fifth season.


Could Lethal Weapon be cancelled because of Clayne Crawford?
April 23rd, 2018 under Fox, Wayans Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

Did you know that Fox has had a remake of Lethal Weapon with Damon Wayans on the air for the last two seasons? Well, there might only be a few episodes left because Deadline is reporting it might be cancelled due to the other lead, Claybe Crawford. The site says that he has been disciplined several times because of bad behavior. So bad that they are hearing people feel uncomfortable on the set.

Warner Bros and Fox have to decide what to do next. Do they keep the show as is? Do they recast his role? Or do they just cancel it? Since neither the studio nor the network has commented on the cop drama’s future, I am assuming we will have to wait until next month to find out.

Do you think they should save the show or blow it up like they did the toilet in the movie? On that note, it seems like Riggs is a cursed character.


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