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Harrison Ford shows Papa Smurf who’s boss
August 2nd, 2011 under Harrison Ford, Smurfs. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday Harrison Ford was on Conan O’Brien and he told the TBS host that his wife Calista Flockhart cheated on him over the weekend and took their son to see The Smurfs. Hans Solo stayed home alone because his movie Cowboys and Aliens was in box office battle with the little blue guys and his film barely beat the little white pants off of them. So obviously Indiana Jones was not happy that his wife paid to see the movie with their son and they got into his movie for free, and contributed their weekend totals. So Conan let him take his rage out Papa Smurf and he Smurfed the competition. Morale of the story, don’t Smurf with Harrison Ford!


Cowboys & Indians’ Olivia Wilde says “Smurf you” to her competition!
July 29th, 2011 under Olivia Wilde, Smurfs. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 2:00 in)

Today starts the box office showdown between Cowboys & Indians and The Smurfs; and Olivia Wilde is taking down her little blue competition in the true Old West style. During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live the House actress revealed how she plans on having her movie win the weekend and she is not going to go down easily.
I think what we all learned from that video is you don’t Smurf with Olivia Wilde.


Oh look it’s the Smurfs!!!
June 16th, 2010 under Smurfs. [ Comments: 1 ]

The Smurfs are getting a computer animated movie next August. So far we have seen Gargamel and Azreal filming next year’s blockbluster and now thanks to USA Today we are finally seeing The Smurfs!!! I think they look cool, but I don’t fully love them. Unlike how much Hank Azaria looks like Gargamel and the cat looks like Azreal, there is something about these little blue guys that doesn’t look like the toys and the cartoon I grew up with. Maybe tomorrow when I see the trailer and I see them moving, I will change my opinion. I just hope it doesn’t change up how much I want to see this movie.
UPDATE: Here is the teaser trailer and I do mean teaser…


The Smurf’s Gargamel and Azrael break bread!
June 1st, 2010 under Smurfs. [ Comments: none ]

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara who is also starring in The Smurfs movie Tweeted this picture of Gargamel and Azrael filming a scene for their upcoming movie. I so love that they are using a real cat to play Azrael and not using a robotic one. For some reason that gives the movie so much more street cred to me. Well that and how much Hank Azaria looks like Gargamel. Seriously isn’t that picture really cool. Only problem is when was the last time a kitty chose bread over a chicken leg? I know my pussy prefers meat over yeast!
Now when are we going to see The Smurfs? I can’t wait to see those little blue guys come to life when the movie comes out next July.


It’s The Smurfs’ Azreal!
May 12th, 2010 under Smurfs. [ Comments: none ]

As you know they are making CGI/live action film for The Smurfs. So ten days ago I posted pictures of Hank Azaria as Gargamel in the 2011 movie and I wondered where his sidekick Azreal was. Well now we don’t have to wonder any more because Sofia Vergara Tweeted this picture of the cute little pussy that is playing the famous cat! Seriously how awwwdorable is the kitty? I can’t believe how calm the cat is on the trash can like that in NYC, if it were my cat she would be trying to find a place to hide.
BTW the Modern Family star also Tweeted a picture of herself with one of the other stars from the film.
Finally part of me is excited for the film because I loved The Smurfs when I was growing up. But then the other part of me wishes it was just and animated flick and not a CGI/live action one.


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