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You’ll never look at mall Santas the same way after A Creepshow Holiday Special
December 18th, 2020 under Shudder. [ Comments: none ]

For some reason, there seems to be a lack of Christmas Horror movies this year. Thankfully, Shudder came down our chimney and delivered a huge present with A Creepshow Holiday Special.

Robert Weston (Adam Pally) has been going through a change. More specifically, he has been going through that change once a month when there is a full moon. Thankfully, someone referred him to Shapeshifters Anonymous. He is not really sure why, but they are there to help him.

As soon as Robert enters, he is greeted by Irena (Anna Camp). He tells her he thinks he is a Werewolf. She explains to him that even though they are the most popular of the shapeshifters, no one in the group is one. She shares with him that she is a Werecheetah, Scott (Peter Burris) is a Weretortoise, Andy (Frank Nicotero) is a Wereboar, Ryan (Derek Russo) is unknown, and Phyllis (Candy McLellan) is a furry.

The group decides to do a test on Robert to find out what he is. They also reveal to him their origin story that is as old as Adam and Eve. When they are done, they are all surprised to discover what he is. Not as surprised as when they find out that Santa Claus is coming to town.

You see, Kris Kringle is not the same man to them as we know him as. He was created to kill shapeshifters. Now, Old Saint Nick knows where they are, so he is bringing as many mall Santas with him to kill them all.

The Shapeshifters prepare for battle, and it is going to be a bloody one. It is Shapeshifters vs Santas, and their red suits will be covered in blood. Just when it looks like one side is winning, the real man in the red suit comes in to finish them off.

Only one side can claim victory; will it be the nice guys or the naughty ones? Which side is which? That is for you to decide.

One thing you don’t have to decide is how much you are going to eat up this special episode that is streaming now on Shudder.

You are also going to enjoy seeing a different side of Anna Camp. Someone needs to give the sweet girl from Pitch Perfect a Horror movie because she is so good at playing bad. Pally, on the other hand, is the same as he always is, but it works for this character. Everything works! So why are you still reading and not watching Santas getting slaughtered?


The animated Creepshow episodes are scarier than the live-action ones
October 29th, 2020 under Joey King, Kiefer Sutherland, Shudder. [ Comments: none ]

In honor of Halloween, Shudder released two new episodes of Creepshow today for streaming. Due to the pandemic and filming restrictions, both of them are animated. Since the series comes from a comic book, the animation mimics that feel. A feeling that makes the stories even scarier because it leaves a lot up to the imagination. Getting lost in your thoughts can make even the creepiest of stories creepier.

In Survivor Type, Kiefer Sutherland goes from Designated Survivor to the lone survivor on an island. He was on a cruise ship that sunk in the middle of nowhere. No one knows that anyone made it out alive, so he is doing his best to survive. Even though there is no food on the island and parts of his body are decaying from infections. Since he is a doctor, he is doing the unthinkable to make sure he sees another day. However, how far will someone go to stay alive? That is what we will find out as Sutherland narrates what his character writes in his journal about his fight to live on in an impossible situation.

Joey King is the sole voice in Twittering from the Circus of the Dead. Unlike Sutherland, she tells her terrifying tale via Twitter. King is a teenager on a failed road trip with her parents and her brother. They planned on going skiing, but there was too much snow. Therefore, her father comes up with an alternative plan. He decided to take them to something called the Circus of Death. What is that? King will describe the unimaginable horror to us in a series of tweets that will send shivers down your spine.

Yesterday, Shudder announced that Marilyn Manson (Sons of Anarchy), Ali Larter (The Rookie), Iman Benson (BlackAF), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator), C. Thomas Howell (Criminal Minds), Denise Crosby (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Breckin Meyer (Robot Chicken), Ted Raimi (The Evil Dead), Kevin Dillon (Entourage) and Eric Edelstein (We Bare Bears) will guest star on the second of the season of the show. Personally, I wish for the third one; they do every episode like these two. Seriously, you have to watch them. Once you do will be saying exactly what I am. It so much more horrifying when you don’t see everything that is happening. Because of that, you create from their thoughts what else is going on around them. I am still afraid to go to sleep after watching this Halloween special. It is that terrifying.


Shudder releases a Sex Demon in November
October 23rd, 2020 under Shudder. [ Comments: none ]

What can top 61 days of Halloween? How about a movie called Porno where the killer is a Sex Demon? Well, Thanksgiving is cumming early this year, thanks to Shudder. And since we won’t be able to be with our families because of COVID-19, we can watch the movie over and over again starting on November 24th.

Porno is described as, “When five repressed teen employees at a local movie theatre in a small Christian town discover a mysterious old film hidden in its basement, they unleash an alluring demon that is determined to give them a sex education…written in blood.” The film stars Robbie Tann, Katelyn Pearce, Evan Daves, Larry Saperstein, Jillian Mueller, Glen Stott, and it is directed by Keola Racela.

Aren’t you excited to watch this movie? What is a bigger temptation for you, the title or the plot? I say it is a titillating mixture that is topped off with horror. Who needs a Thanksgiving meal when you have all of this? Plus, it is less fattening?

To see what else is coming to Horror streaming service, then click here!


Shudder’s Scare Me scared me
October 2nd, 2020 under Shudder. [ Comments: none ]

Shudder continues it 61 Days of Halloween with the movie Scare Me. A horror film that leaves the scares up to the imagination. Something that is rare these days, and welcomed by me.

Josh Ruben not only stars in the film, but he also wrote and directed it. Wearing all three hats worked out well for him. I cannot wait to see what he does next. Before we get to that, let’s talk about what he did now.

Fred (Ruben) is a wannabe writer who desperately needs to get away from his life. Therefore, he goes to a remote location in the woods, and he stays in a cabin. The area is not that remote because he runs into a best-selling author, Fanny (Aya Cash), who wrote a horror novel.

The two strike up a conversation, but go their separate ways when they are done. Later that night, there is a power outage, and she goes to his cabin so they can experience it together.

Since there is nothing else they can do, they each share different scary stories with each other. Each tale is more terrifying than the one before it, all leading to one final tale that will leave you with nightmares for days afterward.

There recently was a study out this week that people who watch horror movies do better with dealing with the pandemic. Therefore, watch Scare Me twice and call me in the morning. That will probably be 5a because you didn’t get any sleep after Scare Me scares you.


Kiefer Sutherland and Joey King are going to have a Creepshow Halloween
September 24th, 2020 under Kiefer Sutherland, Shudder. [ Comments: none ]


Season two of Shudder’s Creepshow is currently in production, but that is not stopping them from airing a Halloween special with Kiefer Sutherland and Joey King.

On October 26th, the two of them will each be starring in an animated episode. Survivor Type, based on the short story by Stephen King and adapted by Greg Nicotero, stars Kiefer Sutherland (24, Designated Survivor) as a man determined to stay alive alone on a deserted island no matter what the cost. Twittering from the Circus of the Dead, based on the short story by Joe Hill and adapted by Melanie Dale, stars Joey King (The Kissing Booth, The Act) as a teen whose family road trip includes a visit to the gravest show on earth.

That is just one of the 61 Nights of Halloween on the horror streaming site. To see what other terrifying things they have lined up for Spooktober, then click here!


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