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National Enquirer Investigates the death of Marilyn Monroe
May 28th, 2016 under Reelz. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on Reelz, a new series gives us a new theory of who might’ve killed Marilyn Monroe. The season premiere of National Enquirer Investigates will focus on the life and death of America’s favorite sex symbol.
The episode documents her rise to fame, her sucess and the men in her life which ultimately might’ve lead to her death. She was beautiful on the outside, but her past created an ugly life for her. A life full of booze, drugs and men that were bad for her. They were some of the biggest athletes, writers, actors and politicians of the time. But which one of them might’ve wanted to end her life or did she end it on her own?
It is a mystery that remains unsolved to this day, but now there are more questions that need to be answered thanks to tonight’s show. Just when I think I know everything about Marilyn Monroe an intriguing special like this one gives you new insight.
In the coming weeks, we will get more insight into the lives of Hollywood’s most notorious names like Charlie Sheen, O.J. Simpson, Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown, Natalie Wood and Elvis Presley on the Reelz docuseries.


Fame Kills and Behind the Screams get Reelz tonight!
September 26th, 2015 under Reelz. [ Comments: none ]
Being a star can be glamorous, and for a few it can be deadly. Tonight at 8p on Reelz Channel, they look at the latter on Fame Kills.
Debbie Flores-Narvaez was a beautiful woman, who worked in a law firm in Maryland, when she decides she wants more out of life. She leaves everything behind and moves to Vegas to become a Showgirl with the hopes of becoming a star. On the night of her big break, she vanishes without a clue. No one knows what happens to her. Her sister begs the cops to look in to her disappearance, but they dismiss it as something that happens in Vegas all the time. Someone goes missing for a few days and returns from a trip with someone they just met. Then when they get a phone call with a lead about what might’ve happened to her, they take the case seriously. What they discovered happened to her, will not only shock all that are involved but you too.
Unlike other murder investigation shows like this one, Fame Kills is fast paced and doesn’t put you to sleep before the case is solved.

Then at 9p, Behind the Screams will scare you more than any horror movie because it is what horror movies are based on.
I was naive to think that horror movies came out of the sick minds of the person who wrote them, and I was wrong about some of them. Did you know that Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Silence of the Lambs are all based on Ed Gein? He was a man who lived in Wisconsin and no one suspected of him until he slipped up. Then when cops discovered what was in his house, they were scarred for the rest of their lives. Before we get to that, you will see how Plainfield, Wi was rocked by strange disappearances and a grave robber and the two were connected the whole time but no one knew it. The man behind it all was right there in plain sight, and yet they didn’t see it. Why? You just have to tune in to find out.
I will warn you that this horror movie fanatic, will be sleeping with the lights on tonight after watching this hour of captivating television. They say the truth is stranger than fiction, and this series proves that they weren’t kidding.
Both Fame Kills and Behind the Screams are docuseries for the younger generation. If the shows on A&E, Travel Channel and Discovery put to you sleep, then these two will keep your interest from the beginning of the episode until the end. The narrators voices aren’t as flat and calming as the other ones and I know you know what I mean. So make sure to tune in for two shows that will intrigue you week after week.


Reelz is crowned the new winner of Miss USA!
July 2nd, 2015 under Miss America/ Miss USA, Reelz. [ Comments: none ]
Several years ago Reelz Channel saved The Kennedys miniseries, and now they are saving Miss USA. As we know Univision and NBC dumped the beauty pageant because of Donald Trump’s egregious comments about Mexicans; but Reelz saw past that and will air it on July 12th.
Stan E. Hubbard, CEO of REELZ, explained his decision in this statement:

The decision on the part of REELZ to acquire the rights to the MISS USA Pageant was based on our belief that this special event, and the women who compete in it, are an integral part of American tradition. As one of only a few independent networks, we decided to exercise our own voice and committed ourselves to bringing this pageant to American viewers everywhere. For us, this decision is about the dreams of the contestants who come from all walks of life across the United States, the city of Baton Rouge that has proudly come together to host this pageant and the viewers who will be watching and celebrating its 54th year on television. The MISS USA Pageant is a perfect fit on REELZ where movies, entertainment and celebrity come together every day of the year.

I understand what he is saying, it is about more than Donald Trump. These worked really hard to compete for Miss USA, so let them have their day in the sun in their swimwear.
Now, since the hosts, the performers and some of the judges have dropped out, I say let’s get The Hollywood Hillbillies Mema to judge and have her grandson Michael perform. Could you imagine her critiquing the contestants, it would be the best pageant moment in a really long time.
Do you think Reelz made the right choise?


Take a ride with Branson Taxi, it’s worth the fare!
June 6th, 2015 under Reelz. [ Comments: none ]

Branson, Missouri is an exciting town, and an exciting town needs an exciting taxi. That is exactly what they have and tonight at 9:30p on Reelz! you will get to know the people Branson Taxi.
Now, it might not sound like a show you want to watch. I mean, who wants to watch a bunch of taxi drivers and the people back at the station, but the show is a whole lot of fun.
On tonight’s episode, one of the drivers had a bad day and he took it out on a customer from the airport. Those are important fares for the company, so when the boss, Scott Thompson, hears about it, he gets really mad. He thinks they need to make some changes, so they bring in a focus group to tell them what they want. What they come up with is amazing. So much so, I want to fly to Branson, just so I can take a ride in one of their cabs. Although, I find their ideas tempting, will the cab drivers feel the same way? You will just have to tune in to find out in a reality show that unlike anything else on TV.


Nothing says watch me more than a video called, ‘Butt Tattoo Removal!’
April 30th, 2015 under Reelz. [ Comments: none ]

On Saturday night at 9p, Dee Dee and John are getting married on Hollywood Hillbillies and she is doing special for him. She is getting her butt tattoo with her ex boyfriend’s name removed and she let Reelz film it.
I didn’t only enjoy her screaming in pain (because I am sadist), I also love the way that Mema ate her hot dog like she was at a baseball game. But the clincher is when Mema says on camera, “I’ll tell you, there’s nothing better than watching your daughter’s a$$ get lasered than having a good hot dog.” The clip gets even better when Mema tells her daughter, “Stop screaming, I am trying to enjoy my hot dog.”
Ladies and gentlemen, that is why this show is called Hollywood Hillbillies and that is also why we love it so much! They are so not Hollywood and that’s what makes them so refreshing.
So tune in on Friday for a wedding I am sure will be unlike any other and that is a good thing.


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