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I think Liev Schreiber is losing it in quarantine?
December 28th, 2021 under Liev Schreiber. [ Comments: 4 ]

Liev Schreiber is on day 9 of quarantining in Peru, and I think the loneliness is getting to him? Why do I say that? Well, watch that video above. I mean, who else gets that excited for a Casio Keyboard in 2021? It is not like it is 1981. Then I could understand.

Now, having said this, I like this side of the actor. What do you think of his slick moves? Do you think Ray Donovan would be proud?


Liev Schreiber hints Ray Donovan might live on
February 12th, 2020 under Liev Schreiber. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Showtime announced that they were not moving forward with another season of Ray Donovan. Liev Schreiber asked fans of the show to let the network know that they wanted more of the popular show.

Well, it sounds like their voices were heard because the actor had some good news to share. He wrote, “It’s hard to describe how amazing it feels to those of us in the Ray Donovan family who have been lucky enough to experience the overwhelming love and support that all of you have expressed for our show since the news broke that Ray would not return.

“What’s even more incredible is that it seems your voices have been heard.

“Too soon to say how or when, but with a little luck and your ongoing support, there will be more Ray Donovan.

“So to all the Donofans who got their bats out and beat the odds. Thank you.”

Since he did not say how it will live on, I have two guesses on how the series might be back. I think it will either get a telemovie on Showtime or they will give it a final season on CBS AllAccess. The other Viacom networks are rumored to be joining the streaming service in the future.

Personally, I can’t believe they canceled the show because I thought it was one of its highest-rated shows. However, I never followed their numbers.


BTWF: Liev Schreiber in Janek: The Silent Betrayal
February 12th, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Liev Schreiber. [ Comments: none ]

Before Liev Schreiber was running from the police in Ray Donovan, he was one of them in Janek: The Silent Betrayal. He looks the same now as he did when he was 26 in that 1994 telemovie.


Even Ray Donovan can’t fix this
February 4th, 2020 under Liev Schreiber, Showtime. [ Comments: none ]

Last month, Ray Donovan aired its season finale. Since them, Liev Schreiber implored people to let Showtime know they want an eighth one. Did his begging work? Sadly, it did not. The network announced today, “After seven incredible seasons, Ray Donovan has concluded its run on Showtime. We are proud that the series ended amid such strong viewership and on such a powerful note.”

Even though the network does not say this, I betcha a penny, they give it a sendoff film. It seems weird that they did not give it a final season like Homeland and Shameless, so at least they should get a telemovie. Don’t you agree?

Now that Showtime has three hours of programming to fill, wouldn’t it be nice if they revived Queer As Folk or Dexter? Dexter needs to make up for that sh!tty finale.


Liev Schreiber’s reaction to his Golden Globe nomination is arfdorable!
December 11th, 2017 under Liev Schreiber. [ Comments: none ]

Liev Schreiber got his fifth Golden Globe nomination, fourth for Ray Donovan, today and it still makes him happy. Or could be because the pup he rescued from the Houston hurricane was giving him congratulatory licks. I am thinking it is a mix of both.

The actor thinks that Woody is such a lucky charm that he plans on getting the pooch a tux for the big night. How arfsome would it be if he took his best friend to the awards show?

When it comes to rest of the noms, they are nothing to bark about. To see who, as who is that person or what is that movie or film, then click here!


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