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We’ve been saying Josh Duhamel’s name incorrectly
February 3rd, 2023 under Josh Duhamel. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but I always thought that we pronounced Josh Duhamel’s last name as Doo-mel. It turns out that is not how you say it.

So how do you say it? The actor did a commercial for Nissan Ariya (Are-ee-ah), and he told us how to pronounce his name correctly. It is Da-mel.

So don’t be a dumbbell (also not how you pronounce his last name), and use the proper pronunciation of his surname from now on.


BTWF: Josh Duhamel in Donna Summer’s I Will Go With You
November 2nd, 2022 under Before They Were Famous, Josh Duhamel. [ Comments: none ]

Before Josh Duhamel was the leading man in movies, he was just “The Man” in Donna Summer’s I Will Go With You. He looks the same now as he did when he was 26 in that 1999 music video.


Josh Duhamel got old
November 2nd, 2022 under Josh Duhamel. [ Comments: none ]

Back in September, Josh Duhamel married Audra Mari, who is 21 years his junior. And it looks like the age difference is taking its toll on the actor.

Well, it is. But only temporarily because the newlyweds dressed as the late Anna Nicole Smith and her much older second husband, J. Howard Marshall for Halloween.

And we found out that no matter how old Duhamel gets, he is still going to be sexy.


Josh Duhamel sent a message in a bottle and she said yes!
January 8th, 2022 under Josh Duhamel. [ Comments: none ]

Josh Duhamel had a question for his girlfriend of two years. So he placed it in a bottle, and then he put it in the ocean for Audra Mari to find. When she found it, she opened it up, and read the piece of paper inside. On the paper was this message, “Audra Diane Mari Will You Marry Me?”

Of course, she said yes. What else would a girl say to her boyfriend that got her a diamond ring for her 28th birthday?

Congrats to the two!

This is Duhamel’s second marriage. He was previously married to Fergie, with whom he has a son, Axl, 8.


Josh Duhamel has moves like Michael Jackson
August 3rd, 2021 under Josh Duhamel. [ Comments: none ]

Adam Levine might have moves like Jagger, but Josh Duhamel’s are like Jacko’s. The actor posted a video of himself learning how to dance from the man in the mirror, as in a Michael Jackson impersonator.

How did he do? Was he good or bad? It was a real thriller! He can beat it with the best of them. As long as the smooth criminal doesn’t attempt to do another forward Moonwalk. That is when he left some blood on the dance floor.


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