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OMFG the second season of Jericho looks amazing
December 26th, 2007 under Jericho. [ Comments: 1 ]

What can I say after watching that preview of the second season of Jericho, but wow! I am completely blown away by how amazing the second season looks.
So tune into the show that us fans saved on February 12th on CBS I promise you will understand why we fought to save the show by the first commercial break!!!
BTW if you missed the first season of the show, please go out and buy the DVD it is worth the cost!!! And you need to use your gift card on something worthwhile!


CBS’s Jericho in a nutshell!!!
December 7th, 2007 under Jericho. [ Comments: none ]

See what you missed by not watching Jericho last season! Don’t make the same mistake and watch Jericho Tuesdays on CBS at 10p starting February 12th! You would be nuts not to watch!


CBS finally gives Jericho’s second season the time of day!!!
December 3rd, 2007 under Jericho. [ Comments: 5 ]

After months of waiting for the little show that could get a return date CBS just announced that Jericho will be back on February 12th!!!

Back in response to one of the most unprecedented and impassioned displays of fan support on behalf of a television program, JERICHO, the drama about what happens in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion in the once peaceful town of Jericho, returns for its second season on Tuesday, Feb. 12 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT). JERICHO stars Skeet Ulrich, Ashley Scott, Lennie James, Kenneth Mitchell, Brad Beyer and Alicia Coppola.

OMG! I am so excited, I am crying!  Guys please please please please please please watch Jericho when it comes back on Tuesdays at 10p, don't let CBS (and other nets) think they made a mistake by bringing back this fan favorite!

Long live Jericho!!! 


Jericho does Vegas!
October 14th, 2007 under Jericho. [ Comments: 3 ]

The luckiest show of the year, Jericho goes to Vegas to test their luck for their season wrap party! Hopefully it is just a wrap party for the season and not the show! So make sure to watch this show when CBS finally puts it back on their air!!!
BTW how hot do they all look together! See what you were missing by not watching? 

Jericho is picking up new viewers!!!
July 27th, 2007 under Jericho. [ Comments: 1 ]

OK! It is a start, so let's keep those numbers up and keep tuning in or start tuning in to Jericho on Fridays at 9p this summer!  

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