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Jason Ritter is to Ferguson what Matt Damon is to Kimmel
September 4th, 2009 under Craig Ferguson, Jason Ritter. [ Comments: 1 ]


(starts at 1:07 in)


So on Tuesday night Jason Ritter was suppose to be a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson promoting the DVD release of his movie Good Dick, but because Craig’s chat with Quentin Tarantino (shockingly) went long, he did not have time for John Ritter’s son and said that he would be a guest on the show on Wednesday….
Well on Wednesday night, Craig had on Mila Kunis and the two had such a good time and great conversation that the star of the former-sitcom The Class was bumped once again and Craig promised he would be on Thursday…
Well on Thursday night, Craig started off his show and swore that the Joan of Arcadia star would appear on the show, and again during the chat, and during the e-mail session and even while he was interview Carrie Fisher. But once again there was no Jason Ritter and once again he promised that he would a guest on the show Friday…
Well today is Friday and I want to know will Jason Ritter finally be a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson? I guess we will have to tune into CBS at 12:35a to find out…
Or will Jason Ritter really be Craig Ferguson’s Matt Damon. For those of you watch Jimmy Kimmel Live, you know that since the beginning of the show Matt Damon was suppose to be a guest, but he never has time for him. Well except for that one night that took 3 years and 4 months to happen and didn’t go very well. So I really hope Ritter doesn’t have to keep showing up every night for the slim chance that maybe Ferguson will have time for him and I pray that when he does finally appears on the show that he will not have the same reaction Matt did towards Kimmel that fateful night!!!
BTW yes I have confirmed that Craig is wearing the same tie that he has been wearing since Jason Ritter was suppose to be a guest on Tuesday, but for some reason they can’t tell me if really will be a guest on the show tonight??? I wonder why?
Finally guys you have to watch all those videos because they get funnier and funnier as you work way down to the final one!!!

UPDATE: Look who was finally a guest on CBS’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night!


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