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You will be sold on Fuse’s Sex Sells by the end of your first episode
June 29th, 2022 under Fuse. [ Comments: none ]

Imagine you could make money with sex without having it? There is a way, and Fuse looks at how you can do that with Sex Sells at 11p on Wednesday nights.

The second season debuts tonight, and you will meet a woman who makes lots and lots of money on OnlyFans. Lena the Plug is married with a baby, so she needs her own studio to shoot her videos.

Host WeezyWTF goes with her to the studio and participates in Lena the Plug’s video. Before Weezy makes her OnlyFans debut, she talks to Lena to find out how much she makes doing this and what her clients expect from her. Then it is time for Lena to show us what she does to earn that money and let’s just say it is even too much for Weezy WTF.

WeezyWTF is the co-host of Whoreible Decisions Podcast. She is very comfortable talking about sex. Something you need to be if you are going to host a television show where that is all people are talking about.

During the first season, she spoke to a Dom, who makes five digits a month, and she never has to meet her clients. I was like, I am going for a career change.

And talking about Doms, on next week’s episode, she talks to a man who made the Balldo. What is that? It is a dildo a man puts on his balls, and he can penetrate with it. It is not only effective for the partner but also for the man wearing it. It can cause him to have a ballgasm. I sent the website to the guy I have been fooling around with, and it is the first sex toy he did not send me a response to. He is scared now, but I can get him to cum around.

And if he says no to that, then I can take him to Dungeon East. It is a BDSM playroom you can rent for yourself and your lover. And the naughty staycation destination is reasonably priced. WeezyWTF gets a tour and learns about the different things you can do there.

And the following week, WeezyWTF learns how to be a stripper. Once she is done with her lesson, it is time for her to audition. And did I mention that we find out why being nude works better when working the pole?

Sex Sells is not exploiting sex. It is helping to normalize all of these things that people are interested in doing but don’t have the balls to ask.

This is a sex-positive show, and we need to accept that sex is part of our lives and doesn’t have to be boring. There is so much out there to do besides sex. And there is a way to get rich doing it. Literally doing it.

You might find a new career as I did! Although, my cousin said I am too nice to be a Dom. Little does she know.

And little did we know before watching Sex Sells. So catch up on the first season on the Fuse website or the app. I promise you will be thanking me that you did.



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