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Would Fred Savage do a Wonder Years reunion?
July 14th, 2017 under 80s, Fred Savage, Revivals-Reboots. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1988, we fell in love with the ’60s again thanks to The Wonder Years. Now that everyone is getting a revival or a reboot, Vanity Fair asked Fred Savage if he would one based in the ’90s?

He does not mind you pitching him ideas for the reunion, but he says “No, it’s not going to happen.” Then he explained why, “You know, I’ve always said that The Wonder Years, it’s not just the name of the show—it’s a time in your life, a very special, finite time in your life. And the way the show was written, it’s about looking back with some longing. I think we all look back at that time in our lives and long for it and idealize it. One of the reasons it takes on this kind of mythic, almost haunting quality in our lives is because it’s something you can’t go back to and can’t revisit. It only exists in our memories, in our shared experiences with people who went through it with us. That’s really what the show was all about. And I think that the idea of revisiting the show mirrors that. And I like that.”

I think they could recapture that feeling again. Let us get to know the Arnold family in their future and our past. Plus, if they could revive Dan Conner for the Roseanne revival, why can’t they do the same for The Wonder Years for their patriarch. Would you watch Kevin Arnold again?


An ’80s girl’s wet dream!
December 12th, 2016 under 80s, Fred Savage, NKOTB, Wet dream. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the late ’80s, a girl would have loved to have seen The Wonder Years’ Kevin Arnold and the youngest member of New Kids on the Block together, but it never happened. Now nearly 30 years later, it finally happened. Joey McIntyre and Fred Savage put on some ugly Christmas sweaters and gave us this wonderful picture.
This is what Christmas is all about! Making wet dreams come true!


Fred Savage done in by tofu
July 13th, 2016 under Fred Savage, Kelly Ripa. [ Comments: none ]

Fred Savage seems to the lead candidate as Michael Strahan’s replacement on Live with Kelly, so that means he has been co-hosting the show a lot. Today, he was on once again and Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmer was one of the guests. The Chef wanted Kevin Arnold to taste some of the delicacies that he has tried from all over the world. They were dishes like raw goat from Japan, Gizzard Salad from the Caribbean, fried puffer fish from North Carolina, Senegalese style heart, liver and kidney of lamb and a soup with racoon meat originally from Africa. Somehow he was able to eat all of those without a problem, but the last one really got to him. That was Stinky Tofu from China that is fermented in dumpster juice. Proving it is better to be a carnivore than a vegetarian.
That and maybe he doesn’t want to co-host the show if he has to eat things like that all the time.
Since that was the last thing he ate, we didn’t get to see his whole hilarious reaction on the air. Thankfully they put that up on Instagram for us to enjoy and enjoy it you will.

A video posted by LIVE with Kelly (@livekelly) on


Watch Kelly Ripa lick a pussy!
May 24th, 2016 under Fred Savage, Kelly Ripa. [ Comments: 1 ]

Now that the whole Michael Strahan scandal is last week’s news, Live with Kelly needs a new way to get people to talk about the talk show. Today, Kelly Ripa licked a pussy. Wait that is not safe for morning TV? It is when she is a using a fake tongue called the Licki Brush on an animated stuffed kitty. Did it work? Are you talking about the show?
Now when it comes to the Licki Brush, my cat thinks that it is for the dogs. Like if I bought one, I will wish I had a dog to protect me from her. Who would buy that for their feline friend? Not me.
Talking about feline friends, I want that animated kitty for my cat. Actually, I want it for me and will pretend it’s for her.
And when it comes to animated, I so think that Fred Savage will be the next co-host of Live. Don’t you?


More than you wanted to know about Fred Savage’s sex life
May 23rd, 2016 under Fred Savage, Kelly Ripa. [ Comments: none ]

Fred Savage was co-hosting Live with Kelly today and he shared more than you wanted to know about him. The actor told Kelly Ripa that the hotel the show put him up in, is the same one that his wife and him made their first baby 10 years ago. If the story stopped there, then we would be OK bu
He went into detail about how his wife and him were having problem conceiving. They were using an ovulation stick that would tell you when it was time to have sex. When it said it was time to go, you had no choice but to do it right then and there. Only problem is they had a big meal and their stomachs looked like there were already 9 months pregnant. Because of that he doesn’t know how they made a baby. He also demonstrated how hard it was for them to connect.
But it gets worse. Ripa then admitted that her husband Mark Consuelos knows they are going to do it if she gets a salad. Anything else and they are just going to go to sleep. Savage said if his wife shaves her legs, then he thinks he will get lucky. He’s not always right about that.
I am going to have to binge watch The Wonder Years in order to get that image of Kevin Arnold out of my head. It is more than I needed to know about him, but it was endearing.
Although, as horrified as I am about hearing the details of how he made his first born, I think his son Oliver will be even more horrified when he watches this video on YouTube some day.


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