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Italia Ricci’s wedding gown is from the same place as her Chasing Life character
July 17th, 2015 under Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell. [ Comments: none ]

On Monday’s upcoming episode of Chasing Life at 9p on ABC Family, April Carver is going to go wedding dress shopping. As April is looking for her perfect dress, Italia Ricci, the woman who plays her, was doing the same thing as she prepares for her big day with Robbie Amell. The actress was going from store to store to no avail, but her job unknowingly wound up helping her out. She told me, “We were shooting there and I was looking at dresses. I was like I should come here for a fitting. I did and I found one.”
Not only has Chasing Life changed her life, it also helped to save her wedding. How many actresses can say that?
So tune in on Monday at 9p to find out which dress April chooses, and check the tabloids to find out the one that Ricci picked for her future nuptials.


Would Italia Ricci shave her head for Chasing Life?
July 14th, 2015 under Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell. [ Comments: none ]

Italia Ricci stars in Chasing Life every Monday at 9p on ABC Family, and it’s one of the most important shows on television. She plays a young woman going through Chemotherapy and that requires her to have many different hairstyles on the show including no hair at all.
Recently, I talked to her about the different hairstyles she has the ABC Family drama. She revealed that, “When I am in the wigs and the bald cap, it helps me be April. It makes my job a little easier.” Then she added, “I don’t have to take such a mental leap because I can see it there visually and physically. I am already April. It becomes a little bit easier to be that.”
Believe it or not, it takes her about 3 hours to become bald for the show. Once the bald cap is on, she can wear it for 12-15 hours and she shared with me that she suffers for her art. She said, “I’ve got blisters and scabs and stuff.” Ricci added, “But at the end of the day, I still have that little bit of guilt because I get to take it off and have my real hair. So I can’t really complain. It doesn’t hurt that bad.”
So would she shave her head for the role? She told me, “I wanted to shave it for last season.” Why didn’t she? The producers wouldn’t let her do it because the show goes to Boston every 10 episodes to shoot exteriors. Then she explained, “We are doing a bunch of episodes on the same day and I am wearing like 5 different wigs, it wouldn’t have made sense for me to cut my hair.” That and they begged her not to do it. Even her fiance’ Robbie Amell is against it. But all she wants to do is cut her “damn hair”.
Whether she has her real hair, a bald cap or a wig of whatever length, she is still as beautiful on the outside as she is on the insider. And one day, she will be able to cut her “damn her!” But for now she gets to keep her shoulder length wavy locks.


What’ve been some tough scenes for Italia Ricci to film for Chasing Life?
July 13th, 2015 under Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell. [ Comments: none ]

Italia Ricci plays April Carver, a woman in her mid-20s going through cancer, on ABC Family’s phenomenal series Chasing Life that airs Mondays at 9p. During the first season of the show, her character went through a lot of gut-wrenching moments as she is struggles with her Leukemia diagnosis. Those are really hard and emotional scenes for us to watch, but imagine being the actress who has to portray them. They are not easy. There are a few scenes that stuck out for her that were harder to film than others and she recently talked to me about them.
During the season 1 finale, she finds out that her cancer has returned and she needs to start Chemo the next day or she will most likely not be around two to six weeks from then. After she checks in to the hospital for her treatment, her doctor takes her to a part of the hospital that is under construction and gives her a sledgehammer. April picks it up and starts swinging at anything she can until all the anger is released. It is the type of episode that has you crying from the beginning until the end. So much so, I couldn’t bear to watch it second time.
The crying started for us when the episode aired, but it started for Italia at the table read. She couldn’t help but to get emotional as she read the script, so much so the paper was covered with teardrops. Then she talked about the scene that really got to her, “Don’t even start with the sledgehammer scene. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.” She explained, “It was so emotional. It felt so good. I was terrified to shoot it, but once I did and once I saw it…The whole episode is the most proud I’ve been of anything I helped make exist.”
That was the season finale, but there was episode earlier on that really got to her and her co-star. April and her best friend Beth (Aisha Dee) attend the fake funeral for one of the members in her cancer group whose prognosis is very grim. As the cast gets to the part where they have to sing Daniel Powter’s song Bad Day, it was too much for her. Italia started to cry so hard, she had to cover her face. She said, “This is remotely not something you should see on television because it was such an ugly cry.” Just because the director yells cut, doesn’t mean she can stop the water works. After that scene was finished, Aisha and her went into a corner and let it all out for the next few minutes before they could continue working.
She told me that she can’t hold that emotion in or it will come out in other parts in her life. For example, one time her fiance’ Robbie Amell, accidentally left the towel on the floor and she started to cry uncontrollably for no reason at all.
How does she deal with all of April’s emotions? She has a half hour ride to and from work, so she let’s the tears out in her car, and she also let’s them out in her shower. She earned the right to let them out wherever and whenever she wants. It’s her realistic performance that brings us to tears every Monday at 9p on Chasing Life.
I hope that during season two, as she plans her wedding to Leo (Scott Michael Foster), April will spend more time laughing instead of crying. Even though as we learned in last week’s season premiere, her cancer is not in remission after she finished the latest round of Chemotherapy.
Italia Ricci is so brilliant as April and her portrayal of the character is so honest and raw, that you can’t help but to respect her. Knowing that filming the scenes for her are as hard to do as they are hard for us to watch, makes me admire her even more. She truly is one of the greatest actresses on television today. Make sure to watch her tonight and every Monday at 9p on ABC Family in Chasing Life.


BTWF roles: Mary Page Keller on Another World
July 6th, 2015 under Before They Were Famous, Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell. [ Comments: none ]

Before Mary Page Keller had a 24 year old daughter on Chasing Life, she was just 22 on Another World. How cute was the 22 year old in that 1984 episode?


Chasing Life’s cast and EP talk about the show’s impact!
July 6th, 2015 under Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell. [ Comments: none ]

Chasing Life is back for its second season tonight at 9p on ABC Family and I can’t stress enough to you that you have to watch this show that is about more than just cancer.
The episode takes place shortly after the season finale, and April (Italia Ricci) and Leo (Scott Michael Foster) are dealing with their new status as an engaged couple. While they are planning their wedding and everything that comes with it, April is waiting to find out if the Chemo worked. Once she is in remission, then she can get the bone marrow transplant she needs that will save her life. That is only one complication in her life. She now has to find a job since she lost her old one right before she found out the cancer returned.
While that is April’s life, her mom (Mary Page Keller) is dealing with her oldest daughter wanting to get married so quickly and she’s in denial over it. Brenna (Haley Ramm) is single again, but she won’t stay that way for long. Who will be her next lover, a boy or a girl?
As you can tell this show deals with a lot important life-changing issues and because of that it is impactful. I have said this before and I will say it again, Chasing Life has really affected my life. Shortly before the show premiere, my former boss died from the same cancer that April has. The drama with a lot of heart has helped me get through her death.
While that is my story, other people have reached out to the cast and shared with them how the show has impacted them. Recently, I sat down with them on the lot where they tape the show and they talked about how people have responded to the show and their characters.
Italia Ricci plays April, a 24-year-old woman going through cancer, and people have responded to her about more than just that. She said, “April is like the face of hope for so many people and not just people with cancer. I have gotten letters that April has helped them stay strong through their parents’ divorce or an eating disorder or bullying or depression or whatever it is they are dealing with.” Then she explained, “They have just looked at the show and been like if she can hold on, so can I. Just being the face of hope for anybody who is relating to her or anybody else in the story. It makes me want to the best that I can and never let them down.”
Haley Ramm, plays April’s younger sister, who recently came out as bisexual. After the show airs, she told me that she “logs on to Twitter and see responses from girls saying they don’t know if they would’ve had the guts to ask out the girl that they like because that might be weird where they are from.” She shared with me one story of a girl who sent her a picture of the girl she asked out and said she isn’t sure if she would’ve been able to do if it wasn’t Brenna. Then she shared another type of fan reaction she got after the episode when her character got bullied aired. She said, “I got this really sweet response from this mom that her little boy had watched the episode and brought out the fact that he was being bullied in school for quite a while. That was nice to know that a little boy out there got the courage to say something because Brenna said something.”
That is one story of how a mom and her child watched the show together; and Mary Page Keller, who plays the mom to the two sisters, had something to say about that. She said, “I have two kids that are a little younger than Italia (April) and Hailey (Brenna), but I have a lot of mom friends who have children in that sort of age group and they watch this show with their daughters. The response I am getting is that they are able to connect with their daughters in a way that they can’t with a lot of the other shows on television.” Then she added, “They can watch it together. Which I think is really neat and I love that.”
The show’s Executive Producer, Patrick Sean Smith, hears all of that and he is listening. In fact, he said, “It is gratifying and it is reassuring. It pushes us to want to continue to tell these stories in an authentic way.”
Let them know how you feel because they are listening and they are keeping the show real because of you. Chasing Life is the most authentic show on television and if you have never seen it, tune in tonight and every Monday at 9p. If you have seen it, then you are already watching it and loving it. Everyone should be watching this show. Cancer will affect us all at some point and this is show about living with it. That is just one aspect of the drama and because of that you will be able to relate to it. Not only that you can watch with anyone because it has something for everyone. How many shows can you say that about?
Chasing Life is a story that needs to be told and nobody does it better than this show.


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