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Peaches Geldof avoids exposing too much!
March 2nd, 2007 under Bob Geldof, Celeb Oops. [ Comments: 6 ]

Could you imagine what Bob Geldof would've done to her if she did? Maybe other stars can follow her example how to get out of a car without showing off what color underwear they are wearing or if the carpets match the drapes?

Live 8 cost £8.1million to put on
October 12th, 2006 under Bob Geldof. [ Comments: none ]

BOB Geldof’s Live 8 concerts cost £8.1million to stage, accounts reveal. The July 2005 gigs in 10 cities across the world were aimed at putting pressure on G8 world leaders to help end poverty in Africa. Figures from Live 8 Limited show it made £11.1million from sponsorship, TV rights, merchandise and hospitality from the concerts, watched by three billion people. Performers at the Hyde Park concert in London included Madonna and U2. Organisers Bob Geldof and Harvey Goldsmith were left with £2.7million profits from Live 8 – which went to the Band Aid Trust. It handled the millions made by 1985’s Live Aid. Worldwide, Live 8 raised £5million from corporate sponsors, including EMI group Nokia, MTV and Walt Disney. Another £2.6million came from the text message ticket lottery with British TV rights raising £1million. Sales of the £1 white Make Poverty History wristbands brought in £226,000 and merchandising raised another £1.7million. A massive £320,000 was taken in donations for the Make Poverty History campaign. Geldof and Goldsmith did not charge expenses or for their time.


So there is a fund? My question is, where does the money from that fund go? BTW I thought it wasn’t about money, what and ever.


Bob Geldof defends Peaches
August 28th, 2006 under Bob Geldof. [ Comments: none ]

As another unflattering portrait of Peaches Geldof emerged, she was defended by an unlikely source – her father.Sir Bob has been a stern critic in the past of his 17-year-old daughter’s penchant for partying.But he insisted to friends that she was ‘just a normal child’ and ‘an all right kid’.He spoke of his love and pride for Peaches, one of three daughters he fathered with Paula Yates, and went on to speak of the difficult ‘family story’ – a reference to Paula’s death from an overdose.And in his usual forthright manner, he added that if he ever thought she really was in any danger, he would go ‘f***ing ballistic’ at her ‘like only Bob Geldof can’.The 55-year-old former pop star, now most famous as the organiser of Live Aid and Live 8, reacted to pictures showing Peaches having what looked like a paper cone inserted into her nostril by a friend.They were apparently taken in the early hours at an after-gig party thrown by a bunch of her aspiring rock star friends in South-West London.Geldof told friends: "As a dad, I just get extraordinarily annoyed at the accusations that have been levelled at her recently."She is a 17-year-old girl. She is allowed to go to no more parties really than other kids go to. She goes to a rock festival. She does a DJ thing on the odd occasion for 80 quid a night. I mean, give her a break."The pictures of her (with a paper cone to her nose) are a great load of s***. It’s just too much. She is only 17. I’m p***ed off about all the stuff that seems to circulate around her."Sir Bob then said he did not think Peaches was a fair target for criticism following her mother’s tragic death, despite the fact that she appeared to court publicity by trying to break into television and having her own newspaper column.He said: "I know our family story. I know she writes stuff and does TV stuff. But f***, she’s a 17-yearold kid who did really well in her AS-levels and now she has gone on to do A-levels. That’s the reality of quite a normal child. That’s where I’m at with this situation."He then warned that he would put her straight in no uncertain terms if she ever got into serious trouble. If she went off the track I would go f***ing ballistic, you know. She’s a pain in the a*** sometimes like all kids but she’s all right. She’s an all right kid and she does all right for herself given the circumstances."If I honestly thought she was doing anything worrying that I should be concerned about, I would go f***ing berserk."You know what I can be like. But that is not what is going on with her. She’s doing just fine. I really want to give her a break."

 Daily Mail

She is Pete Doherty and Paris Hilton all rolled into one. 


Bob Geldof cuts off Peaches
August 12th, 2006 under Bob Geldof. [ Comments: none ]

Peaches Geldof’s recent excessive spending has worried her father Bob. The 17-year-old has flown to the Ibiza Rocks festival, where she plans to DJ alongside friend Fiona Richie under the name Trash Pussies. After meeting up with Bodyrockers star Kaz James in Santa Eulalia, Peaches splashed out £4,000 on champagne to impress the musician.A source told the Daily Star, "Peaches didn’t realise how expensive it would all be. She really wants Trash Pussies to make it as credible DJs. So it would really help to have the backing of the Bodyrockers. And it was obvious she has a massive crush on Kaz."His past relationship with Kate Moss also increases his cool status. So she thought it was worth every penny."Bob is now said to have ended his daughter’s monthly allowance until she appreciates the value of money.The insider added, "Peaches is sorry about upsetting her dad and she doesn’t know how to persuade him to start paying her again."

Digital Spy 

And he was voted one of the top fathers of the year in some poll, guess Peaches see that differently. We know Tiger Lily does.


Tiger Lily Hutchence wants to live with her grandmother
July 31st, 2006 under Bob Geldof. [ Comments: 9 ]

MICHAEL HUTCHENCE’s mother PATRICIA GLASSOP claims her granddaughter TIGER LILY wants to leave her home in Britain with her half-sisters and adoptive father SIR BOB GELDOF, to live with her Australian family. Tiger Lily, 10, was orphaned in September 2000 when her mother PAULA YATES died of an accidental drug overdose. The youngster’s father, INXS frontman Hutchence, committed suicide in a Sydney hotel room in November 1997. Following Yates’ death, her ex-husband SIR BOB GELDOF was made legal guardian of Tiger Lily and is currently bringing her up alongside her half-sisters FIFI, PEACHES and PIXIE. However, Glassop, who lives in the Queensland region of Australia, claims her granddaughter has decided she wants to move to Australia following a visit down under in April (06), when she was accompanied by Geldof. Glassop tells Australian magazine New Idea that Tiger Lily phoned her recently from London and said, "I love you and Grandpa and I want to live with you." Glassop reveals Tiger Lily is getting inquisitive about her late father, saying, "She would look at photos of her dad as a 10-year-old in his Boy Scout uniform, gently run her fingers over the pictures and ask us to tell her another story about him."

Contact Music

I never understood why Bob Geldof got custody of her when he is most likely the big reason her father committed suicide and her mother died of a drug overdose. 


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