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Glee won’t be taken down to a Paradise City
January 18th, 2011 under Axl Rose, Glee. [ Comments: none ]

Slash was doing an interview with Entertainment Weekly and he sang to them what the chances are of ever hearing any of his Guns N’Roses songs on Glee. The curly haired rocker said, “Actually, we got asked about that once already but it got turned down. In the current climate of what’s going on in entertainment these days, I try to be more optimistic than negative because it’s really easy to get negative about it, but I draw the line at Glee. Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough…. When Grease came out I was like, ‘Oh, c’mon, give me a break.’ Actually, I look at Grease now and think: Between High School Musical and Glee, Grease was a brilliant work of art.” He so has a point! Sadly, but true.
Ryan Murphy Don’t Cry about it, some other band will gratefully Welcome their music to the Jungle of your show. Just let GNR Live and Let Die because Chinese Democracy sent the band to be Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.


Slash attacked by a fan in Milan
June 13th, 2010 under Axl Rose. [ Comments: none ]

(:40 in on the first video)
Slash was performing in Milan when a fan suddenly attacked him. After the incident Slash spoke to and he told the writer what happened.

So what’s with some jerk tackling you on stage the other night?

Now that all the facts are out, it was just some drunk guy who got on stage. It doesn’t seem like he had any ill will. What happened was, he came up behind me, and he’d managed to get up on stage and my security guard came up and tackled him, not knowing what this guy was necessarily capable of or whatever. So the real melee was the tackle (laughs). He basically deflected the guy off of me, and somehow the guy had managed to be hooked onto my guitar, which I let go of, all in a split second. They went off the edge of the stage, my guitar hit the ground and I picked it up and continued playing, only to find that it was broken, so I had to switch guitars and finish the song. It turned out to not be that big a deal, but you never know exactly what it could have been.

Luckily the guitar and Slash are OK. I love how calm he was after the attack, in true rocker fashion he was like, whatever. If it were me I would have run off the stage crying like a little girl if that happened to me.


Axl Rose doesn’t like water bottles thrown at him
March 29th, 2010 under Axl Rose. [ Comments: 2 ]

(Lima, Peru – starts at 1:30 in)

(São Paulo, Brazil)

At two different concerts this month Axl Rose has threatened to end his show because water bottles were thrown at him. At the first show in São Paulo, Brazil at the beginning of March he told one fan to stop or he would end the show. But over the weekend in Lima Peru he brought out a translator out to express his wishes. According to NME he made those fans wait an hour before the band came out which could be why they were throwing stuff at him, or maybe they thought he looked thirsty. I am thinking it could be the first reason. This is not the first time that Guns N’ Roses has been late coming out on the stage, maybe if Axl Rose respected his fans, they would respect him and not throw stuff at him? Afterall it doesn’t seem that their opening act, Skid Row is having things thrown at them…just saying. But I have to admit it is not cool to throw anything at the band…well unless it is underwear or flowers!


Axl Rose is a sweaty mess
February 16th, 2010 under Axl Rose. [ Comments: 15 ]

Just when I thought that Chinese Democracy was the worst thing Axl Rose would ever do, seeing him all sweaty like that might have topped that. For two nights Axl Rose performed at different events during Fashion Week and with all that sweat showing off his beer belly was anything but fashionable. And what is up with pants? I would think he did a Fergie, but they are too wet for that…I think??? So gross.

UPDATE: I was so fixated on Axl Rose’s sweat that I missed that there is a teleprompter with what looks like to be lyrics on the floor in the last photo. I wonder if the Guns N’Roses frontman is forgetting the words to his own songs and that is why it is there? How sad would that be?


Vince Neil disses Axl Rose again
August 20th, 2009 under Axl Rose, Mötley Crüe. [ Comments: 5 ]

It has been over 20 years since Motley Crue’s Vince Neil and Guns N’ Roses Axl Rose began to openly hate each other, and their feud has been silent almost as long…until now. According to Jam!, Vince is bashing Axl again and I so agree with Vince this one. When he was asked about Guns N’ Roses much anticipated dud Chinese Democracy, he had this to say…

Neil says, “For that (album) to fail was pretty crazy after so many years of being recorded.”
And the Motley Crue star is opening up about what he suggests is unprofessionalism on Rose’s part, adding, “A buddy of mine went to go play guitar for him. They rehearsed for three months and Axl never once turned up. Rule number one: show up!
“He’s been doing that for many years. Finally I think the fans just went, ‘F**k it – can’t do this anymore.’ You can’t be a fan when you can’t see the band.”

I doubt Axl will have anything to say about this because we haven’t heard him once defend that piece of crap album since it was a colossal failure. That and I think Vince could so take him now with barely effort.


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