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[ # ] Catch Jericho the show that the fans went nuts over starting July 6th.
June 12th, 2007 under Jericho

So are you wondering what the heck those Jericho fans went so nut over, well now is your time to find out. CBS announced today that they will be airing season 1 on Fridays at 9p starting on July 6th. They will air the pilot on the 6th and the following week air a recap episode of episodes 1-12 at 8p and then at 9p air the spring season premiere episode 13. The remaining episodes of the season will play out in the Friday 9p slot. Seriously you should check out this show because it really is one of the best, most original, heartfelt shows on TV this season. I instantly fell in love with this show and thankfully CBS took notice and renewed the show.
So please please please please please please check out this show, so CBS realizes they didn’t make a mistake picking up this gem for a second season.
On that note Stephen Chbosky, executive producer of Jericho previewed the second season of the show for The Pittsburgh Post.
“It’s a lower budget, there’s less money for guest stars, less money for recurring cast, we’re trying to make the numbers work right now. In season two we want to investigate and explore Cheyenne and a line producer could say, if we explore Cheyenne, we’ll never be able to afford it and Cheyenne may come to Jericho now.” He added, “‘Jericho’ is a very different show for CBS and CBS has not been known as the network that appeals to the online community as much or the DVD-buying community as much. Back when they bought the pilot, they wanted this to be the flagship show for them to try this stuff out and learn about this and their learning curve is the same as ours. The executives over there had never done this before. This was a real lesson for CBS and good for their other shows in the future.” He also doesn’t mind how many episodes they were brought back, “You don’t have to stretch anything out. It’ll be seven episodes with a great cliffhanger at the end.” Not another cliffhanger, but this time they will be prepared if the ratings slip, “We know how to wrap up the show if we have to,” he said. “Ultimately it will depend when they put us on the schedule, but it could be as early as October and in that case we will have time to wrap it up if necessary.”
So once again please tune in to CBS on July 6th and watch Jericho!


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