Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Botched is back and they make people look better than ever!
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[ # ] Botched is back and they make people look better than ever!
April 14th, 2015 under E!
Botched is back on E! tonight at 9p for its second season and they are helping to fix what other plastic surgeons and people who claimed that they were wronged.
VH1 reality star New York is on tonight and she wants to fix her oversized sagging fake boobs and her leaky nose. When Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif are done with her, Flavor Flav will want to make time for her.
The next case is a woman who suffered such severe burns on her chin, that she needed a new one. The doctor who gave her the new one made it too big and her face became boxed shape. The doctors have to work their magic to make her face round again. Will they be able to do it?
Then the last case, is a really tough one. A post-op woman comes in after some scary plastic surgery and asks the doctors to help her. The fly by night person she went to, inserted cement into her face and now it is deformed. Her boobs are so huge, her nipples can’t even be seen because so much skin is over them. It is such a tough case, the doctors don’t know if they can operate on her. Will they be able to make her botched work disappear? You don’t want to miss what happens next.
Actually you don’t want to miss Botched because this show is about so much more than botched plastic surgeries. It’s about bringing the beauty out of all of us. A beauty that shines through with both doctors. They don’t see the botched surgeries, instead they see the beautiful person under it and how they can make them feel comfortable in their own skin again.
BTW did I mention that next week they are working on a Baywatch Babe? Think you know who?


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