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[ # ] Bobi is the World’s Oldest Living Dog…ever
February 2nd, 2023 under Guinness World Records

In November, Guinness World Records declared that Gino is the World’s Oldest Living Dog at the age of 22. Well, his record was short-lived, unlike him.

Today, we got to meet Bobi, who is 98 days away from turning 31. The purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo was born on May 11, 1992, and was set to be euthanized by Leonel Costa’s dad when he was just a few days old. However, Leonel and his brothers were able to save the puppy. And now Bobi is 30 years old.

Leonel says that being raised in a quiet village in Portugal, never being leashed, and fed only human food is why his best friend has been able to live this long. That might be the case. Either way, it is a miracle and hopefully the start of more dogs living such a long life.

The last dog to hold the title of the World’s Oldest dog was Bluey, who lived to be 29. He died in 1939.


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