Seriously? OMG! WTF?Black Eyed Peas accept an award that wasn't their's - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] Black Eyed Peas accept an award that wasn’t their’s
January 24th, 2010 under Black Eyed Peas

So the Black Eyed Peas were at the NRJ awards in Cannes and when the presenter (Kamel Ouali) called out their name for Best International Group, so they naturally went up and accepted the award. Unfortunately the presenter got confused when he was reading who won the award and they weren’t actually the winners but Tokio Hotel was, so he had to go back on the stage and give a speech telling them, Tokio Hotel and the audience how he royally f*cked up. Major ouch. Personally I think BEP is so much better than Tokio Hotel and deserved the award over them and obviously so did Kamel Ouali.
BTW who else besides me wants him to come to out here to present at the Oscars…and the Best Film of 2009…is Dance Flick!!!
Here is what they said for those of you who are like me and didn’t take French in school:

Nikos: Attention ! Attention !

Camel: Now I’m gonna break a little bit the fun, even if there is an awesome atmosphere…

Nikos: It dosen’t matter, it happens

Camel: Ok, there is a little problem. Previously Kesha and I gave the prize of Best International Group/Duet of the Year, and there’s a mistake…you see, its complicated to give a prize, and I’m very confused. In fact, in this envelop, well its not really an envelop, but instead of just marking the name of the person that won, they were all written, and I just said the first name, because of the emotion. It was the Black Eyed Peas, but in fact is not at all the Black Eyed Peas…

Nikos: Who is it then ?

Camel: …and I’m very confused. Is the group TOKIO HOTEL ! so yeah…thanks for them and sorry !

Nikos: Give an applause to Camel please ! It happens !

Camel: No you’re right, but they could have done it easier. They could have put just the name of the winning artist…so yeah…and because of the emotion, because it’s not easy to do, I just said the first name I was seeing and I didn’t pay attention of what was written…

Nikos: Camel, it doesn’t matter ! and everybody loves you ! We love Camel !

Camel: Thank you very much !


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