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[ # ] Big Trick Energy has huge magic tricks and even huger personalities
April 22nd, 2021 under TruTV

Big Trick Energy is a magic show with a twist. That twist is that it’s four men with a magical friendship who are sharing their talent with the unsuspecting public. Be prepared to be blown away by what they do tonight and every Thursday at 10:30p on truTV.

While the tricks are awesome, really awesome, you are actually tuning in to watch Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, Wes Barker, and Alex Boyer’s friendship. The best way to put it is that you can’t take these guys anywhere, but you want to be wherever they are.

They are exuberant and humorous. When you watch them playing off of each other, you don’t think they will be able to do the things that they do. They don’t just do card tricks. It is more than reading our minds. It is about blowing our minds and the people they are showing off their illusions to.

The four best friends want us to see their friendship, and we witness it throughout each episode. They not only show off their tricks to other people, but they are constantly pranking and messing with each other. They are boys being boys in a way that you will make you wish you can be the fifth member in the quartet. However, more of a silent observer because they do a lot worse things than put an electric dog collar on one of their necks. All I will say is they almost make one of them cry tonight when they destroy something he loves.

With all of these jokes, I had to know which one of them is the biggest jokester when I recently interviewed them on Zoom. “Oh, it’s, it’s got to be me or Eric,” Chris said. “Wes is definitely the standup comedian of the four of us. He’s been a professional stand-up comedian and magician for as long as he’s been performing, touring the country in colleges and stuff. Eric is also very, very spontaneous.” Wes added, “Eric’s situational comedy is pretty unfiltered and unmatched.”

Now that we know who the biggest prankster is, I needed to know who the best magician is. “Alex got the chops,” Chris said. While Wes added, “Alex understands classic magic more than we do. I think.” Chris spoke for his friend to say, “Alex can’t speak, so he has to do good tricks. He loves magic with doves. Loves the animals.”

And what do they want you to love about Big Trick Energy? They all chimed in for this answer. “That we’re best friends…Don’t take magic so seriously. Don’t take yourself seriously…Who cares? You know how it’s done. Good for you. Pat, on the back. You are going to have a laugh and have a good time.” A good time is going to be had by all because you will be laughing for a half-hour straight.

Then at the end of the half-hour, you will get to see how they did their huge opening number. Did I not mention that they start each show with a magnificent stunt? Anyways, who doesn’t like to see how they make their illusions happen? If you don’t want to see it, then just change the channel when the credits start to roll. Although, I doubt you are ever going to want to change the channel when they are on.

Not to be cheesy, but I am; the fantastic four are really magical. So magical, you will instantly fall into their trance and want to watch them every week.


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