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[ # ] Beware the Gonzo but don’t be afraid to watch this movie!
August 28th, 2011 under DVD

Beware the Gonzo has the feeling of ’80s high school films like Just One of the Guys and Can’t Buy Me Love and even more than that it is an enjoyable movie from beginning to end. So why not watch it on OnDemand today!
Gonzo (Ezra Miller) is a geek who is fed up with his friends being beaten up and picked on by the popular kids, so he wants to do an article about them. When the jock (Jesse McCarthy) who runs the school newspaper tells him no, he recruits his friends and is a recruited by Evie a mysterious girl (Zoe Kravitz) and they all start an underground newspaper exposing the truths about the kids who think they are all that. Now the once popular kids are not as cool and the nerds are a little cooler. Gonzo is enjoying the power of print, but when he is told shut down the paper he decides to do one more edition that will cost him everything. Will he lose his friends forever? Will he lose Evie? Will he get expelled and lose out on going to parents choice college because of it? You will have to find out in this rebellious flick that was written by Bryan Goluboff.
Goluboff(The Basketball Diaries) wrote the movie based on his high school experience and when you see Beware the Gonzo you wish he went with school with you. How cool would it be to have someone start a revolution when you were in HS? Well unless you were one of the kids he was starting it against and even if you were one of them you still will enjoy this flick because Ezra Miller brings the character to life in such a way everyone can enjoy it.
Miller has a John Cusack feel about him and you will see that this relative newcomer has a huge acting career in his future. He plays Gonzo so perfectly, you will quickly become enamored by him. Even though Zoe Kravitz is a third generation Hollywood legacy (her mom is Lisa Bonet, her dad is Lenny Kravitz and her grandmother was Roxie Roker), you will see she is earning her career on her own right. She proves she has the acting chops to make it on her own and not on her family’s name.
Whether you were geek, jock, outcast, popular kid and so on in HS, you will enjoy Beware the Gonzo! Just like the ’80s coming of age movies, you will want to watch it over and over and over again, so why not start tonight.


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