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[ # ] Bachelor in Paradise sounds boring now
June 27th, 2017 under The Bachelor

In case you have not heard, production was halted on this season’s Bachelor in Paradise due to a sexual misconduct investigation between two of the show’s stars who reportedly went too far due to alcohol. The investigation concluded, the guy was cleared and production began again. But with a new set of rules.

According to TMZ, they are limiting the amount of alcohol they can drink and supplying food so they do not do it on an empty stomach. How much can alcohol can they consume? Only 2 drinks an hour, and the crew and bartenders need to make sure they keep to that limit. Meaning the show just got a whole lot more boring because they are more fun when they are drunk. Without that it is not a paradise to watch.

UPDATE: TMZ says that if a couple wants to have sex, they have to get permission to do so from the producers. If they do not, then the producer can go in and interrupt the love making.


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