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[ # ] Baby Daddy gives birth to a new season and baby…
March 13th, 2017 under Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy is back on Freeform tonight at 8:30p and Riley (Chelsea Kane) and Danny (Derek Theler) are dealing with her pregnancy. She takes her baby daddy to her baby doctor, only to find out that the woman she wants to deliver her baby has died. Now, she needs to find a new doctor and she wants anyone but the one that Danny’s mother, Bonnie (Melissa Peterman), goes to.

Of course Danny hooks her up with his mother’s doctor and that causes problems when both women go to see him on the same day. Bonnie overhears something and thinks that her husband, Brad (Peter Porte) got another woman pregnant. Which means she goes crazy trying to figure out who it is.

Then there is Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) who become obsessed a with a woman he met for two seconds at a dry cleaners. He will do anything to find her including posting a missed connections ad. When someone responds to it, he gets excited to meet her. Turns out, she is not the woman. He still sleeps with her and finds out that she knows the woman he is searching for. She knows her, but doesn’t know her. There were three women in that photo and Ben meets the other one. They have sex and she invites him to a party. He decides to go and he brings everyone with him. Which means they will cause a scene. Will it cost Ben the chance to meet the woman he has been searching for?

That is just one reason to tune this season, the other is because Theler tells me we are definitely going to meet his baby with Riley by the end of the season. He is also going to try to marry her because he is so in love with him. Kane on the other hand doesn’t want to be pregnant, especially after she is told that the baby is going to be huge. That and she has to put up with Bonnie who is driving her crazy. So much so, they will finally have it out. When it comes to Bonnie, Petterman told me her character stows away on a ship and on another episode breaks into a department store and has to spend the night. All of this and we meets Tahj Mohry tells me that we meet Tucker’s mom and someone goes to jail. I know who is going to jail, can you guess who it is?

The one/two punch of Young & Hungry and Baby Daddy gives us the best hour of comedy on television. Since we all need to laugh, do with these two Freeform shows.


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