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[ # ] Anna Nicole Smith says she owns her house in the Bahamas
November 27th, 2006 under Anna Nicole Smith

You’ve heard the rumors that the embattled star and her partner HOWARD K. STERN lost power to their Bahamian home and then were evicted — tonight on ET we go inside their house for the truth. "It’s a big story, someone is trying to evict me," she says. "I own this house and I’m going to let the courts handle it." "We have the documents," Howard adds. "It will come out in court." ET traveled to the enclave last night where the Trim Spa success story set the record straight about reports that she’s been living in the dark. Upon ET’s arrival, the house was lit up and Anna Nicole even showed off her lighted tennis court. "I heard my electricity was off, but it isn’t," Anna Nicole says. "I’m not sure because the electricity was shut off for an hour one day, but I believe it was the town. Down here it goes out — not like in the U.S. I had a generator." While they say the rumors about their power being turned off are false, they do say that someone who is known to them is out to grab headlines. "There is someone who is trying to turn the power off, but again this is with the media, we’re reading that the power is off while it’s on," Howard says. "They want their names in the paper," Anna Nicole adds. "We know who the people are who are trying to shut off the electricity — they want their 15 minutes of fame."


She so lives in a ficitional world.


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