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[ # ] Anna Nicole Smith had a love child?
March 9th, 2007 under Anna Nicole Smith

sJust when you think that Anna Nicole Smith story can't get any weirder, Phoenix New Times prints a story you have to read to believe and even then you question it.

Forget the whole who is the father of Dannielynn? The question today is Anna Nicole Smith the mother of a four year old boy. Yes you read that right, a man is claiming that Anna Nicole had his son 4 years ago and she choose for him to raise her son. Johnny Sotto, a Native American says that he met her when she was staying in Arizona at a spa. Anna  Nicole and him flirted a lot and she was curious to know what it was like to be with a guy that wasn't white, his words not mine. "At first, it was all in fun," Soto details. "She'd call my you-know-what her 'tomahawk,' her 'wooden Indian,' or 'big wampum.' Sometimes she'd ask me to do a war dance naked with this feather from one of her dresses stuck in my baseball cap. I tried to tell her that the Tohono O'odham don't wear feathers, but she didn't care. She thought it was funny, and it turned her on, so I did it, though I have no idea if our people even have a war dance." I guess all that dancing led to a lot of unprotected sex and she found herself pregnant with his kid. Because of her religious beliefs she told him she could not have an abortion and decided to give him the baby. They named the baby Marshall after her late husband. Anna Nicole supported Johnny and Marshall by sending them $10,000 a month. 

Anna Nicole kept in touch with them throughout all these years and the last time he heard from her was the beginning of the year. "The last time she called in January, she didn't sound right," Soto recalls. "I knew she was again back on the drugs. Her speech was slurred, and she was saying crazy stuff about how there were rats under her bed trying to eat her feet, and that the Mafia was out to kill her for her money. Before I heard the news, I got a letter in the mail from her, written in lipstick, with a photo of her shaving Howard K. Stern's butt. I thought maybe she needed to be institutionalized. Obviously, the birth of Dannielynn and Daniel's overdose — it was just too much for her."

Now with the death of Anna Nicole he wonders if his son should be the heir to her fortune. A fortune that comes from his namesake. "Do you know how to get hold of [former Arizona attorney general and now trial lawyer] Grant Woods?" he asks, after Marshall had cried himself to sleep following a wrenching day of watching his mom's funeral. "We're not greedy, but Marshall's older than Dannielynn, and I want him to have what's rightfully his. That's one reason I decided to go public. I didn't know where else to turn. Right now the tribe is helping me, and if we win, I'll make sure they get half of whatever Marshall inherits. I want him to grow up on the reservation, to learn our language and what we call the O'odham 'himdag', the O'odham way of life. But we can't do it by ourselves. This is the white man's law, and we need someone who knows the white man's law to help." It always comes down to money with the men (minus Larry Birkhead) who were in Anna Nicole's life, so sad.

Does this story seem too weird to be true? Chances are it is a fake and the Phoenix New Times has pulled an early April Fool's on all of us! Good for them because this was a brilliant joke!

Thank you so much Michelle! 


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