Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Anna Faris breaks into her own house with a tour group
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[ # ] Anna Faris breaks into her own house with a tour group
March 11th, 2020 under Pranks

Anna Faris took a job as an undercover celebrity tour bus driver, and she gave her riders an inside look of the Valley. After showing them a few homes, she decided to take them to her house.

She lured them inside by offering them a Klondike Bar. Who can say no to one of those? They followed her in. Well, she had to break in to get into her residence.

Anyways, she gave them an ice cream treat and left them alone in her garage. Then all of a sudden, the door started to raise up, and they knew they were busted. How would they react when to being caught breaking into the Scary Movie lady’s house but the Scary Movie lady?

Surprisingly calmer than me. I would have run out there faster than you can say Klondike Bar. I am not going to jail over one of those things, even if they are scrumptious. In other words, getting arresting is not someting I would do a for one. Would you?


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