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[ # ] A rotary phone race between three generations
July 18th, 2018 under MeTV

Before there were cell phones and push-button phones, there were rotary phones. For you babies out there, they royally sucked. You would have to put your finger through the hole of the number you wanted to dial, then drag that number until the end and repeat until you dialed the whole phone number. Screwed up one digit, and you would have to start all over again. Like I said, it royally sucked. I hated using it at my grandmother’s house.

Anyways MeTV, decided to have some fun and challenge a group of people from three different generations to battle it in a dialing race? Who will win: the Baby Boomers, the Gen Xers or the Millennials? The one time, the old guys in the room are the winners.

Even though I love all of the old programs on MeTV, I think they need to create a game show of Retro Races. How awesome would that be? They can have people compete to see they can fast they can cue up a song on the record player, set up a TV show to record on your VCR and so on. It would be totally groovy.


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