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November 5th, 2008 under The CW

The CW’s Stylista is the most fashionable reality show on TV! Kate is one of the contestants that you just have to hate because she is her own little world and can’t understand why everyone hates her. She makes the show even more fun than it already is! And forgetting about Kate…how awesome is William? I just love his accent and attitude!!! He so needs to win!!
So tune in to The CW tonight at 9p for Stylista, a show that has fashion and cattiness all rolled into one!!!

Last week’s show was all about the eliminated to early Jason and he spoke to me about his elimination and brief hospitalization. I think that Anne Slowey and Joe Zee made a mistake letting him go so early because just from reading his answers you can see how intellectual he is! Their loss.

Seriously? OMG! WTF? – How did you get involved with Stylista?
Jason – I was writing an essay for school and went onto craigslist. I was looking for modeling gigs and came across the posting. I emailed the people four sentences about myself and my passion for the fashion industry and they called me back within ten minutes. The rest is history.

SOW – Was it your dream to work for Elle?
J – There are so many dream jobs that I want in life right now. From having my clothing lines mass produced around the world, having a modeling agency, coming out with my fragrance, having a school for underprivileged children for the arts, being in movies etc. Working for a high fashion magazine was one of them, yes.

SOW – What do you think of the remaining assistants? Is Kate aka bobs as bad as she seems?
J – I don’t really know William but he has a very funky colorful style..its very different. I really like Devin, she has such a fun personality and is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry for her age. Johanna made me laugh on the show. Ashlie is a very kind hearted person with amazing style! AMAZING, that’s the one word that I can use to describe Danielle. I didn’t really get to know Arnaldo or Cologne but they are both quiet individuals. I don’t really have anything to say about Kate, Megan or Dyshaun. But back stabbing, lying and hurting others to get further in the fashion industry and in life never works. In the end the last thing that the world wants right now is more fake people who get joy out of bringing hardships to others. It’s really sad to know that many people like that still exist in this world.

SOW – What was your reaction to how your teammates reacted to your panic attack?
J – Clearly from the episode you can tell that Johanna seemed to care because she was crying. Dyshaun just sat there and Megan just stood there. So I guess you could have kind of expected that from them. I mean they didnt even want me on their team, what makes you think that they are going to care about my well being? So I am sure that some of them could have cared less as to what was happening and its obvious during the episode.

SOW – Were you surprised who came to your aid?
J – No I was not surprised. Ashlie and Danielle were two of the people who had my best interests at heart the most. I knew that I could count on them, I just never ever expected that situation to happen or take place. It was very scary to go through because it was something that has NEVER happened to me.

SOW – Do you think you were eliminated because you were hospitalized?
J – I think that it may have played a big role in the elimination process. But you can be the judge of that. I mean it was unfortunate yes, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. No matter how sick I was, I still faced Anne and the judges and people tell me every day that they admire me and have a lot of respect for me because of that. Working for Elle, just wasn’t in my deck of cards.

SOW – What was your reaction to your teammates throwing you under the bus during eliminations?
J – Obviously I knew that there were going to do that. I have no comment on specific individuals in the group. But as I have said many times, if you think that world is going to love you because you were back stabbing, cruel, lied and had evil intentions, your WRONG! The world hates and despises people like that. I know that numerous people on the show regret the way they acted now because it is having a negative effect on their careers. I guess wanting to be dramatic for TV didn’t work out after all.

SOW – Who do you want to win and lose?
J – I want Ashlie, Danielle or Johanna to win. I would also say Devin, but she is amazing and already the editor for a fashion publication at her school, so she knows what she’s doing. I hope that fake people would not win the competition but have no comment on certain individuals.



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