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October 18th, 2008 under Hallmark, Reviews

When three friends single-handedly take on the rebuilding of a run-down house, they soon discover that their own lives require an equal amount of renovation.
With their church in dire need of funds in order to maintain its daycare center, the local pastor turns to three parishioners for help: Rose (Henderson), whose beloved husband, Frank (Henriksen) is hiding a serious medical condition; well-to-do Elizabeth (Mills), the haughty wife of an inattentive plastic surgeon (Thomson); and Birdie (Grier), who is trying to adapt to life now that her husband, Stan (Roundtree) a new retiree, is using his free time to be a general nuisance around the house.
The pastor’s solution is to have the ladies oversee renovations of a run-down house that was donated to the church, but with no funds for a proper crew, the women reluctantly agree to take on the heavy lifting themselves, from pipes to paint. As the little house’s upgrades continue, its slow progress mirrors deep personal changes in the lives of the three women, who are forced to make difficult decisions regarding their lives, their past decisions and the future.

Ladies of the House premieres on Hallmark Channel tonight at 9p and this movie will make you laugh, cry and want to grow old with someone. Florence Henderson, Pam Grier and Donna Mills play 3 woman who must fix up a house so they can sell it to raise money for their church’s day care center. These three actresses have amazing chemistry together, and that just draws you more into this movie. Besides the struggles of building the house these three women are struggling with life at home with their husbands. By taking on the house, they are becoming stronger women and their friendship.
So tune in to Ladies of the House, a movie that is perfect for a Saturday night or any night on Hallmark at 9p.



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