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[ # ] Myth & Legends is back on TV Land tonight!!!
October 8th, 2008 under TV Land

(photo © TV Land)
Tonight and every Wednesday at 10p, TV Land investigates whether Hollywood's biggest Myths & Legends are well Myths or Legends. They speak to the people involved in the tales and people that have heard and wondered whether the story is a myth or a legend. They also show pictures and video, sometimes it is stuff that has never been shown before. 
I love this show because I grew up with these Myths & Legends and have wondered if they really are myths or legends and it is cool to hear it from the people themselves. In tonight's episode they look at what small animals Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off, is Susan Lucci's mom Phyllis Diller, the Super Bowl flush and was Marilyn Monroe murdered? You will be surprised which ones are myths and which ones are legends…
So tune into TV Land at 10p for show that answers if they are Myths & Legends.


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