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June 3rd, 2008 under Music

Thriving Ivory‘s debut major label album is not coming out until June 24th, but VH1 has so much faith in them they have selected them as a “You Oughta Know” band. Angles on the Moon is the first single off the Thriving Ivory’s self-titled album and just listening to that song you can see why VH1 wants us to know them. But if you really want to hear why they were chosen check out Thriving Ivory’s MySpace page and listen to some of the great melodic songs off the new album.
The shiny version of the CD will only be avail for the first two months at Best Buy as part of the “Find ‘Em First” campaign and as a bonus you will receive a card that will unlock a 5 song live EP of theirs!
Thriving Ivory is a definitely a band we will get to know, but get to know them before everyone else does!



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