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[ # ] Shauna Raisch’s b!tchy rant on Split Ends
May 18th, 2008 under Unadmirable People

Shauna Raisch appeared on Spilt Ends and acts like her crap and her dog’s crap doesn’t stink. If Shauna Raisch was so wonderful she wouldn’t be working in a hair salon in a Minnesota strip mall.
xoxo Ryan


  • melanie

    I just watched “Millionaire Matchmaker” for the first time yesterday. I saw the episode with Shauna Raisch. It was like watching a train wreck. I just couldn’t turn away. This woman is absolutely the most foul human I have ever witnessed. She is living in a dream world. Accept that you are growing older, change your plastic surgeon and seek therapy immediately. Patti Stanger is 49 years old and looks younger than Shauna. While Patti may be harsh and insensitive, she is right on when i comes to this woman. I do believe youshould be given a picture of a potential match but I think it was Patti’s way of just eliminating this fiasco of a client. Shauna:you are rude, hateful, racist, immoral, shady, and think way too highly of yourself. You are not “ugly” on the outside but you are definitely UGLY on the inside. Youdid Marc a favor by running away. Then to compare it to leaving your fiance on your wedding day at the alter…..lady he had you figured out when you couldn’t even THANK him for the gesture of the dress. How hard is it to be gracious, whether you liked the dress or not? Grow up! Seek therapy and PLEASE don’t accuse me of being fat or trailor trash.. I am far from it. Get over yourself.

  • Laura G

    Shauna is unbelievably diluted to think that the Realtor was too old for her. She is the one who’s old, and it scares her to date anyone in her age range because it reminds her of her own advanced age.

    Furthermore, everyone can tell that Patti is NOT jealous of Shauna because she’s treated women FAR more beautiful than Shauna very well. Remember the beautiful blonde millionairess she fixed up with that hot millionaire? Patti was very good to that beautiful woman, and that woman actually gave Patti reason to be jealous– the woman had brains, real beauty and a great personality. Of course, Patti is brainy, beautiful in her own right, and she has a fabulous personality as well.

    By the way, I LOVED seeing Shauna wobble around and lose her shoe like a total loser. It was so funny, and she so deserved it.

    Marc is hot. He dated Heidi Klum for Godssake! The truth is that Shauna probably realized she couldn’t compete with the memory of a supermodel, and she rejected him before he could reject her.

    Patti looks natural. Shauna looks fake. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously as diluted as Shauna and should not be given any credibility.

  • Anonymous

    She is ugly inside and out. As a middle aged man I wouldn’t give her the time of day.

  • Lolly

    well said Laura G.

  • Teena

    I was truly appalled by Shauna’s behavior on Millionaire Matchmaker. Everybody knows that Patti is going to lay it out and tell the truth as she sees it. Many times it is harsh, but people who go on the show should expect that. She does seem to want to help people and get results. I cannot understand why Shauna would go on that show and then exhibit behavior showing that she just wants to have sex with a younger man. It is very unflattering — especially considering that she is no Demi Moore. She does work out and maintain herself, but I don’t believe she is very attractive — and her personality and behavior make her very unattractive. I was shocked at how rude she was to the 51 year old real estate guy. He seemed very polite and was trying to be thoughtful. The dress did seem to long for her, and she couldn’t have it altered in time; however, she could have been courteous and gone out on the date. It might have taught her something about herself. Instead, she was so full of fear about dating her grandfather — somebody who was only 9 years older. Patti was right on — Shauna is going to be hard pressed to find a rich younger man — they are always going to look at her like a sugar mama. And, that is fine if that is what she wants; however, the relationship will never be balanced. Poor thing!

  • Avalis

    All I can say is that SHAUNA REALLY CAN USE A NOSE JOB AND PRONTO! That’s the ugliest nose I’ve ever seen.

  • Laura G

    To Lolly:

    WOW!!! Lolly’s my nickname, too! Nice to meet you.

  • Tilly

    So Marc is good enough for Heidi Klum but not Shauna?? hahahahahaha

  • dani

    Shauna, you would be the type to get on a message board and try to make it look like there is anyone who thinks you are better than average or like there is anyone who didn’t notice your lack of personality and intelligence. When you decide to do a reality show, you open yourself up to people discussing how crazy you are on a message board so get off of it so we can talk freely!

  • svlad cjelli

    Shauna is looking for a man that doesn’t exist. She wants a rich, young, good-looking, exercise enthusiast, who wears just the right shoe. AND he has to be into mean spirited old women who walk around with a permanent “boo!” look on their faces.She could really use some $250/hr. “Couch Time”

  • HT

    As a handsome, young cougar-hunter with family I will say this…I would totally date Shauna on several conditions:

    I don’t have to look at her.
    She doesn’t open her mouth.
    She pays for everything all the time.
    I get to punch her assistant in the face for being a douche and posting on this forum on her behalf.
    She doesn’t touch me with her evil little mits.
    I get to bring another woman along so I can actually enjoy myself after Shauna leaves.

    Seriously, it’s not rocket science to see she’s damaged goods. You don’t have to “know” her, “Tom”. She’s a nuthatch deluxe. Normal people don’t act like her. They just don’t.

  • HT

    Above should read “family in Wayzata, MN”. I’d hate to have my sentence corrected in some fashion.

  • KIttie Fahey

    She is truly revolting. Millionare Matchmaker is right,m she actually does deserve to be alone. No man in the world is evil enough to be saddled with her. Hey, bloggers, don’t blame Minneapolis!

  • Bychplz

    All Shauna is, is a reality show FREAK: she thinks that by being a pretentious a-hole on reality television–that she’ll actually get LAID!! LMAO I wonder how much she’s paid people to come on here and defend her sorry-azz! And Shauna: all the crapola you keep talking about Patti–at least she HAS A MAN, and CAN KEEP A MAN!B***h, YOU paid HER to FIND YOU A MAN! And I highly doubt any man would want to get with “The Second Circle of Hell” that YOU seem to be from the way you present yourself on NATIONAL TELEVISION! lol You OBVIOUSLY need family therapy! I’m sure there’s more to the reason why you’re a complete a-hole, and any idiot with a “HARVARD DEGREE” looking for TRUE LOVE, would KNOW WHEN THEY NEED HELP! I’m sure there’s a LONG LINE of a-holes, and you’re just living up to the legacy–maybe a therapist can help you, if you stop acting so SUPERFICIAL and IGNORANT!! Otherwise, there is really no hope for you: enjoy basking in the afterglow of the reality telvision archives! It’s a sad and lonely road…

  • Snooky

    Shauna Raisch owns a home in a suburb of Mpls with a 58 year “old” man and he’s not her father. Interesting.

  • KATE

    I’m not going to bother commenting on Shauna’s looks because in the grand scheme of things, they are unimportant. What is important is that she is claiming to be a professional woman and yet, she has been rude from the beginning of her stint on Matchmaker until the end of the show. Her behavior towards a man she chose to go out with was rude and there is no excuse for it. That crap about his energy being bad is nothing but b.s. He sent her an evening gown to wear and she showed up in jeans and a tank top. She never had any intention of going out with him. It is not difficult to see why she is still single and it’s because of her attitude. She clearly thinks she is better than everyone else. Where she got that idea, I have no clue, but it certainly is far from the truth.

    She goes out with young men, some of them young enough to be her son. It’s a sign of insecurity on her part. She’s trying to pretend she’s younger than she is by dating young men. They are using her for her money and she even admitted it on the show.

    At the rate she is going, she’ll end up old and lonely, except for those she pays to be with her. How very sad!

  • Not Tonya

    Tonya shut the fuck up you retarded cunt. With a name like “Tonya” I’ll tell you, those who live in trailer courts shouldn’t talk shit. Shauna is a snatch but Minneapolis has tons of culture and money. Fucking idiot.

  • vanessa

    Think u disrepected patty…u have be able to join a company like this…however.. u were a complete BITCH!!!!!…u are NOT that fact ur NOT attractive at all…..I am only a few years younger then you and have had 4 kids and way hotter than u…..
    ..and your portrayed as a complete bitch…..i would have gone out with that guy in a split second…….why did u not trust patty.????..u want ur young studs…and guess what honey……u will not get them….especially that ur exposed……

    U NEVER deserved the chance!!!!!…now u just fucked urself…completely.!!!!!!..any guy that would be with ur ugly ass……..would use u for ur money!!!!!u are NOTHING!!!!!!…what a piece of shit u are…….if i had ur opportunities.i would have been soo grateful…….and never deserve to be on TV again!!!! U deserve to be single for the rest of ur life….

    Patty should just shove her high heeel up ur disgusting ass……

  • joe

    Has anyone else noticed how much better Shauna looked the first season she was on with Patti? The first year she had some bad angles but seemed like a pretty woman. This season she looks bad all the time. What happened?

  • Scott

    Shauna is definitely NOT 42 yrs old. She has subtracted at least 10-15 yrs from her age. Get a clue!!! Her nose – hideous!! The bulging eyes are a total turn off. I would never trust her spa cred!! Maybe she’s successful, but there are a lot of foolish clients out there. Look at how there are so many plastic surgery disasters walking around today. And there are alot of rich doctors out there because of this. Shauna needs therapy inorder to realize she is too old to think the way she does. She doesn’t listen and ridicules anything that she is in denial about. Psycho bitch!! Pattie should have thrown her out after to second with her. Period. I fantasized about her decking the bitch, but that would not be in Pattie’s best interest. I hope we done with Shauna. Seriously!! Ugly, evil troll!!

  • Bychplz

    All I have to say is: for a b***h from “Harvard” (ALLEGEDLY)–the guys she chooses to date must be dumber than her! Her “old acquaintance” doesn’t know how to spell “acquaintance”–but must have since, become the wiser, as he realized in his dealings with her(along with the rest of the world) that this b***h is CRAZY!! And “Old Acquaintance” you have come a long way!! I’m not trying to diss you! But Shauna–REALLY?! YOU WENT TO HARVARD?? YOU F**KING LIAR! For what? A Bachelor’s in Cosmetology?? GIVE ME A F***ING BREAK!!Nothing this b***h says is true–and she obviously can’t get intelligent men, because ANY intelligent man would run when they saw her coming!! LMAO! I honestly don’t think Shauna knows how to soul-search, because the b***h HAS NO SOUL! But, in the off-chance that it would happen: MAYBE there’s hope for her! But really–if you want to make yourself out to be upper-class, educated, and successful: then date MEN who are upper-class, educated, and successful! (Although, with the way you humiliated yourself and your image on NATIONAL TELEVISION, that would be close to impossible!) But wait: I forgot–your invisible penis! YUP, that’s not gonna happen! GOD FORBID, a guy is SMARTER than you! Well, when you are eventually committed to a nursing home, you can hit on the doctors with your prune juice sippy cup on-hand! OYEA! WHAT A TURN ON, BABY!! LMAO! What a sad life you have, for a “HARVARD” graduate!:P PATTI’S GOT IT BETTER THAN YOU, AND ALL SHE DOES IS MATCH UP MILLIONAIRES! DAMN, THAT MUST HURT!! No wonder you’re such a vile wench!

    Oh yeah, and for your information Shauna: I bleep out my swear words because I HAVE CLASS: something I noticed, you are in desperate need of when typing on the message boards! Goodness, you’re an UGLY MESS!! I’ll pray for you. You need it.

  • Anonymous

    Shauna looks and acts like a train wreck. Great for stupid reality shows.

  • kuryaki

    Well no matter if u find the fallopian tube nosed b*tch attractive or not.. her personality takes it all away.
    I totally flipped the channel when she came back as tempted as I was to watch but I just can’t get over those creepy staring eyes and that hideous nose.. she scares me and creeps the h*ll outta me.

  • I.K.

    To: the “real” Tom..

    Are you kidding us? how can you expect us to believe it is you when you’re posting such ridiculous sh*t on here? We can see for ourselves what she looks like and what she is like.. u can’t fool us. hahahahaha

  • SRurAnIdiot

    HEY that’s definitely SHAUNA hahhahahaah look at the post below that’s exactly how SHauna reacts and talks.. hahahahah U can’t disguise urself shauna.. ur too obvious!!! ahahahah

    [ # 382972 ] Comment from Tom [February 2, 2010, 11:50 pm]


    @stevens—fuck you! I meant what I said. Shauna is great! and my name is Tom. You don’t sound smart calling me Shauna
    you just sound stupid. Now if you said “I think this may be Shauna”, well you’re entitled to your opinion. But when you conclude that I am, thinking that everyone is going to follow suit and agree with, just because you say so, you sound stupid! Way to stupid to try and influence anyone. So just fuuuuck yooouuu!

    @michell—you’ve already made that comment, but at least you learned how to cut and paste.

    @lacy—I’m sure your mother is over 50. So I guess she’s an old whore too

    Shauna, there all jealous of you. You’re still gorgeous!

  • Kate

    The Botox Bitch just wants to try and make a name for herself on reality tv just like sooo many losers do. I actually feel kind of bad for her because she has no personality, no awareness of others, is superficial, shall I go on? To think that a man isn’t good enough for her when he was good enough to date Heidi Klum for 9 months is way out of line.
    Pray for her because she needs it more than any one I can imagine!

  • Kate

    If you don’t believe she’s ugly look at a pic of George Hamilton. She looks exactly like him with a wig on! Hahaha. Same nose! EEeeeeeewwwwww!

  • Kate

    Oooops one more! As far as Patti goes, she may not be the most beautiful person physically but she has a great personality, knows what she wants, and gets it! I would much rather deal with her any day than spend one minute with the botox bitch.

  • Angela

    I used to get my hair cut at Twiggs by her orginal partner in the business. She was a freak then and she’s just gotten freaker. Newsflash, if she was that damn hot she would have landed some rich Minneapolis man candy. She is delusional if a) she thinks she’s a Demi like cougar and b)that her shitty, classless behavior on Matchmaker will do any good for her business.

  • Lisa

    Went to school with Shauna and she is really 48 years old (not 42). Shauna was and still is a COKE WHORE! Snorting cocaine for 30 years will make you psycho. Oh, by the way, Shauna is also bi-sexual (remember Shauna, licky licky?). We didn’t call her Shauna “Snatch” for nothing!

  • Cindy

    I just saw the episode this afternoon…I am 37, I would date Marc the Realtor who is 51…hot damn. As for Shauna she could benefit from some rhinoplasty and maybe while they are so close to her brain give her an attitude adjustment as well. Patti was right when she said Shauna should stay single forever…and she probably will. As for Shauna being gorgeous, I don’t think so…she is very ugly on the inside (and a complete wack-a-doo), so her looks don’t matter much.

  • christine

    Wow, if I was a millionaire the first thing I would do would be fix that nose! I guess it works in her favor though- after looking at her hideous nose her awful personality looks a little bit better.


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