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[ # ] pissANT repeatedly says what he is
May 1st, 2008 under VH1/MTV

via ONTD
On Sunday’s Celebracadabra on VH1 pissANT has a sh!t fit because he is terrified of clowns and one of the challenges for the wannabe magicians is they have to go to a costume shop. Let’s be real what good costume shop doesn’t have a clown costume or 2? So when he goes in and sees a clown costume, he runs out of the store like a little baby. Lisa Ann Walter actually felt bad for him and asked for the clown costumes to be taken down, so little pissANT could come in. Well the store missed one and he runs out again and has the above sh!t fit. What a stupid idiot. I am so over him.
And you might not believe this, but that is not the worst thing he did on this upcoming episode on Sunday. So tune in to Celebradacabra this Sunday on VH1 at 9p to see what other atrocious things he does.



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