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[ # ] Paula Abdul was better than American Idol
April 30th, 2008 under American Idol 7, Paula Abdul

Thank gosh for Paula Abdul because without her American Idol would be boring. Last night’s American Idol might have crammed 10 Neil Diamond songs into one hour, but it was so boring I forgot who sang what and I don’t care what they did.
But back to Paula that was evil of American Idol to put so much pressure on her, they know she can’t handle it! But thankfully they did because her craziness is always blogworthy!!! Unlike Jason Castro and Brooke White’s performances. Hopefully Brooke will go home tonight because I still think it is BS she is still on after forgetting the lyrics last week.
BTW maybe because I actually hit puberty, can someone please explain what is so amazing about David Archuleta? I thought his America was emotionless.
Oh yeah I am a sincerely a Neil Diamond fan and there is not one song I remotely liked last night.



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